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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Good Life

The Good Life

A year or so ago I purchased The Good Life by Charles Colson (Tyndale House Publishers), which was released in 2003. Colson is one of my very favorite writers. His writing is incredibly clear and concise and he is a wonderful story teller. I’m always confident that when I pick up a book he has written that I won’t be disappointed. 

The Good Life is a great read. Colson conducts an exploration into what it means to live the good life. He begins with a retelling of the opening of the movie Saving Private Ryan. An old man hurries to see the grave of the officer who led the detail assigned to save him. The book continues with other moving stories that flow one after another, all aimed at identifying what it means to live the good life. Some stories are about lives wasted and others about lives well spent.

This is really a must read book. I’m not going to spoil it by going into lots of detail or the conclusions Colson reaches. I’ll let you do that for yourself.

I promise you two thingsyou will enjoy the book and it will make you take another look at your life to evaluate if you are living the good life.

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