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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What’s Your Line in the Sand?

         What’s Your Line in the Sand?
The McCain game plan is now clear—take conservatives for granted and head left. The McCain folks are convinced that conservatives have no other place to go and that the thought of an Obama White House is so bad that no matter what McCain says or does, you and I will hold our nose and vote for him.

Is he right? Maybe.

Frankly, I hope not. There has to be a line which McCain cannot cross and still count on conservatives to support him.

We already know his track record—wrong on taxes, wrong on "global warming," wrong on amnesty, wrong on McCain-Feingold, wrong on ANWR, wrong on the Gang of 14, etc. There’s no logical reason to believe that Senator "Compromise" is going to fight for conservative judges, a secure border, lower taxes, oil exploration, nuclear power, or smaller government. No reason whatsoever.

Richard Nixon was elected by a landslide in 1968 over Hubert Humphrey. It was a disaster. We got wage and price controls, and diplomatic recognition of Red China. Humphrey would not have accomplished any of that, but compliant Republicans went along with liberal Democrats to push through all of Nixon’s bills.

President Obama may not be able to push through amnesty for illegal aliens, but you can plan on it with President McCain. Congressional Republicans will fight Obama tooth and nail on tax increases, but they will roll over for President McCain. Republicans will fight President Obama on signing "global warming" legislation that cripples our economy, but they will play patsy to President McCain. And the GOP will fight to the death against the socialized medicine proposals of President Obama, but cave in for President McCain.

Once again it comes down to the war in Iraq. But can a President Obama really precipitously pull out of Iraq? It’s not likely. The pull out message is directed solely to the far left crowd. Obama has to keep them on board through election day. After election day the anti-war crowd is expendable. Once Obama is in the White House he’ll have to take a more responsible course. Besides, there is nothing a President likes more than being in power during wartime.

So once again, is there any line that McCain can’t cross and still get your vote?
As I said in an earlier blog, I want to vote for John McCain, but I need a reason. My line in the sand is his choice for a running mate. If the running mate is another John McCain, he has crossed my line. If he or she is a young, certifiable, conservative, I’ll hold my nose and vote for Senator McCain.

What’s your line in the sand? Or is John McCain right? Can he do anything he wants and you will still vote for him?

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