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Friday, July 11, 2008

America is Energy Independent!

 America is Energy Independent!

There is good news. Not only is the United States Energy Independent, the politicians are finally getting the message, thanks in large part to Newt Gingrich’s "Drill Here. Drill Now. Spend Less." petition drive.

A little background is in order. In May of this year, the Interior Department estimated that the U.S. territory contains about 139 billion barrels of undiscovered oil reserves. Of this amount, 85.9 billion barrels lie off our coasts on the Outer Continental Shelf.

According to the June 13, 2008 edition of USA Today, this is enough oil to cover all US consumption for 13 years. That’s right, 13 years. And this doesn’t even take into consideration the oil shale in Colorado and Utah or the new find in South Dakota.

Keeping in mind that even Hurricane Katrina did not cause one offshore rig to spill oil and that there has never been an oil spill from an offshore platform, our offshore oil is an excellent place to begin exploration and production, along with Alaska, of course.

Remember, the United States is the only country in the world whose politicians refuse to exploit their oil resources. But, now they are beginning to feel the heat. They dropped their opposition to the private ownership of firearms when the NRA membership topped 5 million, and right now the "Drill Here. Drill Now. Spend less." petition drive has already topped 1.2 million. At the current pace, American Solutions (Newt Gingrich’s group) should have close to 5 million signatures by Election Day and 7 million before the next President is sworn in.

Gingrich’s "Contract with America" was the key to electing a Republican Congress and now he has the key to unlocking America’s oil reserves. Even recalcitrant Senators and Congressmen who want you to live with less won’t be able to stand up to a sea-to-sea chorus calling for oil exploration now. John McCain has finally gotten the message (although he still opposes drilling in ANWR) and even a President Obama will be forced to listen to reason if you and I demand oil drilling, refining, and greater supply now.

More supply means lower prices. It’s as simple as that. You and I need to get behind this petition drive and make energy exploration and production in the United States (including offshore and Alaska) the third rail of politics—one so hot the politicians will be afraid to oppose it.

You can help do that today by going to and signing the "Drill Here. Drill Now. Spend Less." petition. Do it today and also urge all your friends and neighbors to sign the petition. 

Remember, the more oil we drill and refine, the lower the prices will be. The problem is supply and we have the solution. Drill here. Drill now. Spend less.

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