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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

9 Reasons to Vote for McCain-Palin

           9 Reasons to Vote for McCain-Palin

It’s not about the heroism of John McCain.  Heroism doesn’t qualify you to be President of the United States, although it does display character. 

It’s not about the struggle of a young black man to overcome poverty and abandonment by his father to graduate from Harvard and be nominated for President, although overcoming such disadvantages does show character.

It’s not about experience or lack thereof.  A bad track record is worse than no track record.

It’s not about age or youth.

It’s not about leadership or change.  Leaders can lead in the wrong direction and change can be worse, not better.

It’s not about George Bush ’43.  That race already took place. 

And it’s certainly not about what region of the country you come from, the color of your skin, or who your running mate is.

No, there are real reasons to vote for the McCain-Palin ticket and here are mine:

    1.     GI Joes & Janes.  More than 4,000 young men and women
            have given their lives to defeat Islamic radicals who are sworn
            to destroy our nation.  More than 3,000 innocent Americans
            died on 9-11 and it’s only because we have stood strong and
            vigilant that no other attacks have occurred.  Setting a
            timetable for pulling out, as Barak Obama says he will do, is a
            betrayal to those who died on 9-11 and to those young men
            and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice.  We are
            winning the war in Iraq and the argument as to whether we
            should have gone into Iraq is moot.  Appeasement always
            encourages our enemies and leads to bigger and more costly

    2.    Ronald Reagan.  Ronald Reagan was elected after four
            disastrous years of Jimmy Carter.  Barak Obama is Jimmy
            Carter on steroids.  Taxes, socialized medicine, and the
            nationalization of medical services will only serve to drive this
            nation into a severe recession, if not a depression.  Senator
            Obama is committed to not only letting the Bush tax cuts
            expire, but also to vastly increase spending and further tax
            hikes.  John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan proved that tax
            cuts spur economic growth and restore prosperity.  Tax hikes
            do the opposite.

    3.    Smoot-Hawley.  Senator Obama is now suggesting the
            institution of tariffs on foreign imports.  He hasn’t learned from
            history.  It was the passage of the Smoot-Hawley Act which
            Herbert Hoover signed into law that precipitated the Great
            Depression.  Free trade expands the economy, tariffs constrict

    4.    Rush Limbaugh.  Although Barak Obama says he has no plan to
            re-institute the “Fairness Doctrine,” with a bullet proof
            Democrat Congress hell bent on doing so, he won’t be able to
            resist.  Good bye talk radio.  Good bye free speech.

    5.    Barry Goldwater.  Goldwater, like all our American Founders,
           understood the danger of government.  He said, “A
           government that is big enough to give you all you want is big
           enough to take it all away.”  Obama wants to dramatically
           expand government because he believes that government
           bureaucrats are smarter than you are.  Bigger government
           means less freedom.  Nationalizing health care, which is
           the goal of big government politicians like Obama, will destroy
           quality health care.  Government cannot create anything, it can
           only regulate scarcity.  If it is the government’s responsibility
           to provide for your health care, why not your transportation,
           your home, your food? 

    6.    Andrew Kyle Livingstone.  Andrew is my newest grandchild.  He
            has wonderful parents, but what kind of an America will he
            grow up in?  Will it be the land of opportunity or the land of
            entitlement?  When anyone uses the words “economic justice”
            and “redistribution of income,” the goal is government control
            of our economy and our lives.  Both of these terms are Marxist
            in origin and their application means the end of America as we
            have known it.

    7.    Sarah Palin.  John McCain’s choice of Governor Palin has
            brought America a new star in the mold of Ronald Reagan. 
            Sarah Palin has the political philosophy of our Founders—
            limited government, strong national defense, greater individual
            freedom.  She is the future of the Republican Party and of our

    8.    Barak Obama.  We should choose a President because he
            understands the foundation of a free society is freedom for its
            people to succeed or fail without interference from
            government.  It’s not government’s responsibility to care for
            us, but to provide for the common defense, and maintain
            internal order through the administration of equal justice. 
            Barak Obama doesn’t understand the foundation of a free
            society.  He is well-intentioned, but his philosophy is contrary
            to that which expands freedom.  He doesn’t understand that
            individual freedom cannot exist without economic freedom. 
            The change he advocates is not change for the better.

    9.    Harry Truman.  The good news is that, as Harry Truman proved
            in 1948, the polls are not always right.  The only poll that
            counts is on Election Day, November 4, 2008.  President Barak
            Obama with a Republican Congress would be one thing, but
            President Obama with a leftwing Democratic Congress would
            be a disaster of unimagined proportions.  So consider the
            consequences and get out and vote!

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