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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Recap of 2008 Forecasts and Bold 2009 Predictions

Recap of 2008 Forecasts and Bold 2009 Predictions

Well, how did I do with my 2008 forecasts?  My batting average was about .429 which is not quite enough to get my multi-million dollar contract renewed (I wish!).  I was right that Hillary would not be elected President, that the Yankees would not win the World Series, and that continued progress would be made in Iraq.

I was way off-base on a number of other prognostications—wrong on the US staying out of a recession (little did I know that our economy was being undermined by politicians forcing bad credit risks on our lending institutions), wrong on Osama Bin Laden meeting his maker, wrong on Ford & GM being resurgent (might have happened without the $4/gallon gas which killed their profitable SUV business), wrong on Katie Couric being gone from CBS.

Regardless, it’s clear that no one should fly to Las Vegas to place any bets on my forecasts.  But they were fun to make anyway.  So here it goes again…

1.          Fairness Doctrine Reprise.  The Democrats will not re-institute the Fairness Doctrine through the front door or the back, in spite of the desire of the more fringe members of Congress and their efforts to do so.

2.          Iraq.  The Obama Administration will not pull all our troops out of Iraq.

3.          Osama Bin Laden.  Maybe he’s already dead.  Who knows?  Prediction: His current status will remain the same in 2009.  

4.          New York Yankees.  Yes, they will make it to the World Series in 2009.

5.          Washington Redskins.  After a long drought, they will make it back to the NFL playoffs in 2009.

6.          Chicago Cubs.  They will not make it into the MLB playoffs in 2009.

7.          Katie Couric.  Gone, gone, gone!  This time I can’t be wrong.

8.          Cuba.  The US will recognize Cuba. 

9.          Economy.  Although the news media will say encouraging things about Obama policies and stoke the fires for an economic resurgence, the economy will stall and roaring “Jimmy Carter” inflation will return.

10.      Spiritual Resurgence.  There will be signs of a spiritual resurgence with a positive impact on serious moral problems that confront our nation.

You have been advised—don’t bet on anything I have included in my forecast.  Here’s one more piece of advice—don’t put you faith in rulers or princes or presidents, put it in the Lord who rules heaven and earth!  That will guarantee you a wonderful, peace-filled 2009, regardless of the problems you face.

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