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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dereliction of Duty

Dereliction of Duty
I am embarrassed for the so-called main stream news media.  No wonder fewer and fewer people watch ABC, CBS & NBC news each year.  No wonder The Gray Lady is insolvent, The Washington Post is hemorrhaging, and the circulation of the LA Times is in a death spiral. 

There is simply no attempt at objectivity when it comes to President Obama and the Democratic Party.  Where was the scrutiny of foreign gifts to the new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton?  Where was the outrage about the nominee for Treasury Secretary failing to pay his US Income Taxes?  Where is the investigation into the radical positions of Eric Holder, the new Attorney General?

What an incredible double standard.  Republican nominees for the Cabinet have been attacked by the news media for incidental issues, but Democrats with huge problems are given a pass.

Left-wing advocacy journalism rules the day, to the detriment of our nation.  There is no attempt at objectivity.  Their performance is nothing less than complete dereliction of duty to hold all public officials’ feet to the fire and to question all policies and appointments.  Shame on them.

Their goal is to not only give the new President free rein, but also to shut down all opposition by either re-imposing the “un” Fairness Doctrine, or shutting down talk radio via new “localism” and “diversity ownership” rules.

Overreaching.  The Democrats won nearly 54% of the vote, due to advantageous economic news and opposition from a lackluster, “me too,” Republican candidate.  That still means that 46% of the American people are not on board with the far left policies being promoted by President Obama and his allies in the news media.

Overreaching leads to political defeat.  Attempts to eliminate free speech and shut down talk radio will not only bring financial ruin to AM radio (costing tens of thousands of jobs), but will backfire and lead the Democrats down the road to defeat.

These are indeed interesting times.  If the Democrats continue to overreach, the 2010 election will bring the Republicans, especially conservatives, roaring back.  It won’t mean recapturing control of the House or the Senate in terms of actual numbers, but it will mean enough votes to stop the ill-conceived, doomed to failure polices of the far left. 

Stay tuned.

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