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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Great Crisis

The Great Crisis
You and I, our nation, and the world are in the midst of a great crisis.  What is that crisis?

Contrary to what the news media tells us and contrary to what politicians tell us, this is not a banking crisis.  It’s not an unemployment crisis.  It’s not a stock market crisis.  It’s not a housing crisis.  It’s not an automobile crisis.  No, this crisis has absolutely nothing to do with the economy.

This crisis is much, much bigger than the economy.  In fact, the problems with the economy are simply effects of the greater crisis faced by you and I, our nation, and the world.

The cause of all our problems is that we have become alienated from God.  Our rejection of God, who is the author of freedom, is at the root of the crisis we face.  Freedom and prosperity are blessings from the Lord of the universe.  When we decide that we no longer need God, or that God simply doesn’t exist, we throw away the most priceless gift we have.

When we seek utopia on earth and believe that through the agency of man we can solve all of our problems and all of our nation’s problems, we invite the kind of disaster our nation is now facing.

Utopianism, by whatever name—Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Objectivism, Fascism—is based on a rejection of God.  It is based on a belief that man can solve all his problems through his own intellect.  All these anti-God ideologies believe that we can create a perfect utopia right here on earth.

That utopia did exist, of course.  It was called the Garden of Eden, but man sinned and was driven out of the Garden to struggle in a sin cursed world.  God drove man out not because He hated man, but because He loved man and knew that imperfect man would destroy perfection.

All the problems that you and I face—disease, failed relationships, pain, etc.—come as a result of our sinful state.  Man created these problems when he rejected God.

Today our society mocks and rejects God.  We have soiled God’s gift of marriage.  Like ancient heathens, we sacrifice our children and our unborn children for our pleasure and benefit.  We lust after wealth and goods and immorality.  We bow down and worship the “knowledge” of this age, and reject the true wisdom of God.

What is going to happen to our land?  Unless and until we turn back to God and His truths, we are not going to like what happens here.  But there is still time.  There is still hope.

Spiritual renewal is stirring in our land.  And with tough times, people will turn back to God.  We don’t give a second thought to God when things are going well, but when He brings us to our knees our eyes are again opened to the truths of God and of His deep and abiding love.

We may indeed be on the verge of the worst of times financially, but there is hope that we may also be on the verge of spiritual renewal which brings blessings of love, freedom, hope, and truth. 

Whatever the outcome, God still sits on His throne and cares for you and for me.  He has promised to never leave us or forsake us.  That is a promise we can take to the bank!

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