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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Apologist in Chief

Apologist in Chief
Here I thought we elected a President who was to serve as Commander in Chief.  Little did I know that he is also our Apologist in Chief.

President Obama, I know you may be well-intentioned, but you are ill-informed.  No wonder your wife, Michelle, our First Lady, said she had never before been proud of her nation.  I know you are both young, but it’s hard to imagine that you are completely unaware of the history of the United States, except in regard to slavery.

Human slavery is a horrible, detestable, loathsome, human condition.  It was and is inflicted by humans who are the ultimate “me centered” individuals.  It’s imposed by powerful individuals who believe that “it’s all about me and you’re serving me.”  That was the Devil’s original sin.  Satan, one of the most beautiful and powerful angels, didn’t want to be with God or serve God, he wanted to be God.  That’s what Adam and Eve were seduced by, the lure of being like God.  And that’s the seductive lure of all powerful government—being able to create a utopia by imposing one’s will on the lives of others.  It’s a lie.  Human slavery is the curse and the result of wanting to be like God.

We can thank tens of thousands of men who died in the American Civil War for putting their lives on the line and making the ultimate sacrifice so that human slavery was ended in this nation more than 140 years ago.  These men had nothing to gain for themselves.  They gave their lives so that others might be free.

Yes, the freedom granted was imperfect and second class.  And yes, it took another 100+ years to grant full citizenship to the children of former slaves.  In spite of this, while the United States is an imperfect nation, it is still the most compassionate nation in the history of the world.

When the Keiser threatened to defeat and impose his will over France and the rest of Europe, it was the Americans who pulled their chestnuts out of the fire.  So don’t apologize to France.

When Hitler set about to eliminate the Jewish people and impose his dictatorship over Britain and the rest of the world, it was good old Uncle Sam who saved the day.  So don’t apologize to England or any European nation.

It was American blood that was spent on the battlefields of Europe in both World War I and World War II in defense of others.  We did it because we cared.  We did it because we were compassionate.

And after the war, when the US was the only nation in the world with an atomic bomb, we didn’t use it to create a worldwide dictatorship or to threaten world peace.  No, we used our power in the defense of freedom.  Not always wisely and not always well, but our goal never was and never has been to enslave other people.

When General MacArthur left Japan, the Japanese people wept because they knew they had been treated compassionately and justly.  We didn’t enslave the Japanese people like the Communists enslaved millions of Chinese.

And after the war when the Soviet Union enslaved millions of Poles, Ukrainians, Czechoslovakians, and Germans, we not only opposed those actions, but also created a Marshall Plan that gave millions of dollars in aid to rebuild the nations of our former enemies.  And through free enterprise, the “German Miracle” occurred.  We didn’t occupy.  We didn’t enslave.

It was America who stood up to the Soviet Union and won the Cold War and thus liberated Eastern Europe through the leadership of Ronald Reagan so that others might live in freedom.

But it wasn’t just the American government that was compassionate—it was the American people.  The American people responded with unheard of generosity in every disaster through churches, relief organizations, and other groups, not just at home, but around the globe.  This is true compassion, not sham compassion that is exercised when a lawmaker votes to spend someone else’s money for some perceived need.  This money came straight from the wallets and pocket books and hearts of a compassionate people.  It went to Africans, to Europeans, to South Americans, to Asians.  It didn’t matter what country it was, what language the people spoke, or what the color of their skin was.  Americans have responded time and time again to earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, famines, hurricanes and typhoons with personal generosity that was previously unknown in the history of the world.

Yes, Mr. President, you’re right, the United States is not a perfect nation.  There are no perfect nations.  How can sinful, imperfect humans create perfect nations?  Those who seek utopia are inevitably the authors of human slavery.  Their names are Stalin and Hitler and Mao Zedong and Castro and Chavez.

We need leadership, Mr. President, not an Apologist in Chief.  We need someone who uplifts and encourages, not hangs his head and is embarrassed to be an American.  We need someone who loves his nation and is proud of America’s heritage of freedom, sacrifice, and compassion. 

Mr. President, your election is a living example of the greatness of our nation.  Your life is the ultimate American success story.  With all our flaws and failings, we are a great people because we fear God and we seek achievement and success for all, regardless of their nation of origin or the color of their skin. 

And if you ever doubt the goodness or greatness of our nation, please go down to the border with our neighbor, Mexico.  Take a good look at which way people are crossing the border.  They aren’t leaving the United States.  They are anxious to come to the United States because they know what you seem unable to understand—this is the best nation on the face of the earth.

It’s not our natural resources.  South America and other regions around the globe have natural resources in greater abundance than does America.  We aren’t just lucky.  God has blessed our nation.  We have freedom.  Freedom to succeed.  Freedom to fail.  Freedom to worship God.  Freedom to live our lives without interference from any person or from government, as long as we do not harm others.  Freedom is the one thing that sets America apart from all the rest.

The United States of America is not a perfect nation and it never will be, because its citizens are imperfect.  But so long as we cling to the values of our Founding Fathers that are inspired by our Judeo-Christian heritage, we will remain the greatest, most freedom loving, and most compassionate nation in the history of the world.

Come on, Mr. President, quit apologizing.  Get out of the campaign mode.  You are my President, the President of all Americans.  It’s time to lead.

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