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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The GOP Wins, Then What?

The GOP Wins, Then What?

Nothing is a sure thing. Just ask Tom Dewey or Mary Sue Terry. Tom Dewey was supposedly a “shoo-in” for President in 1948 and Mary Sue Terry had a 19 point lead in the Governor’s Race in Virginia on Labor Day. Contrary to the famous Chicago Tribune headline, Dewey lost and George Allen demolished “Governor” Terry in a landslide.

Nevertheless, let’s just suppose that the Republicans take control of both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate in 2010. After all, Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts (of all places) to fill the seat previously held by Ted Kennedy!

Of course, even a big Republican majority would be impeded by an Obama veto and frankly, by RINO Republicans. But it doesn’t hurt to speculate. Or more importantly, to start thinking about a pro-American, pro-freedom agenda. When you are in the leadership it is imperative to lead.
Here are my suggestions should the GOP win this November:

1- Repeal Obamacare. It doesn’t make any difference if it will be vetoed by Obama, make it clear that the GOP has heard the voice of the American people.

2- 10% Congressional Pay Cut. While a pay cut for Congress won’t materially affect the wild spending, the GOP should send a message to the American people that they will share in the pain of a recession.

3- 10% RIF for all Federal Employees. Except for the military, Congress should pass a bill mandating a 10% reduction in force for the entire federal bureaucracy. You can’t heal an economy by expanding an already bloated bureaucracy that uses up vital capital and manpower that could otherwise be expended by private enterprise. 

4- 10% Pay Reduction for All Government Employees. Again, except for the military, a 10% across-the-board reduction in pay for all federal employees. For the first time in history, average compensation for a government bureaucrat exceeds those in the private sector who create all our goods and services. 

5- 10% Across-the-Board Reduction in Government Spending. Government is already too big and too intrusive. When times are tough, a reduction in expenditures is exactly what companies of all sizes do and it’s far past time for the federal government to do the same thing. 

6- Freeze on all Earmarks. Frankly, earmark spending is just a tiny fraction of the expenditures of government, but they are unconstitutional and highly disliked by the American public. 

7- Suspension of all TARP and Stimulus Spending. If your family hits hard times, you don’t go out and start spending like a drunken sailor. You cut back, eat out less, and work to get your financial house in order. A suspension of all TARP and so-called “stimulus spending” would be a small step in the right direction. 

8- Across-the-Board 30% Tax Rate Reduction. We know from the successful effort of Ronald Reagan to extract the US from the worst economy since the Great Depression that the key to jobs and restoring a healthy economy is a tax rate reduction. Tax revenue to the Government actually increased after the 30% tax rate reduction called Kemp-Roth! Warren Buffet employs tens of thousands of people and the more money he has, the more he will invest in expanding his business ventures. Similarly, the consumer is hit hard by excessively high gas prices and by higher taxes. He needs tax relief now. A tax rate reduction will mean more jobs and get the US back on track. 

9- One Year Suspension of the Capital Gains Tax. A one year suspension of the Capital Gains tax will give a huge positive jolt to the economy and hasten the recovery. 

10- One Year Suspension of Corporate Income Taxes. Far from benefitting the rich, a one year suspension of Corporate Income Taxes will dramatically boost job growth and create a healthy economy. 

11- One Time Suspension of Taxes on Corporate Foreign Earnings. Such a suspension would flood the US economy with urgently needed capital and hasten a full economic recovery.

So what if President Obama foolishly vetoes this pro-growth agenda for America? It would be, as Reagan said, a banner of bold colors, instead of pastels to let the American people know that the Republican Party has come back to its senses and will provide leadership that listens to the concerns of the American people.
Ronald Reagan not only governed wisely and according to the United States Constitution to the great benefit of every American, he also proved that straightforward, honest, conservative policies not only work, but make good political sense. 

Much more can be done in the long run if we soundly defeat Obama in 2012 to restore and rebuild the exceptional nation we call the United States of America. With the right leadership, we can restore personal responsibility, expand human freedom, and put in place once again the ladder of economic opportunity for all Americans. 

Let’s do it!

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