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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Root of Racism in America

The Root of Racism in America 

What is racism?  Put simply, it is denigrating any individual solely on the basis of their race.  Such demeaning can take many forms—the written word, the spoken word, a law, a policy, a rolling of the eyes, or an inappropriate shrug of the shoulders.  It’s a sin.  At its core is hatred of another individual—again, solely on the basis of their race.
Here’s a simple test to identify if someone has made a racist statement.  If the terms black, white, Asian or Hispanic are used, simply reverse the words.  For example, in the Jim Crow days, Southern whites said, “Blacks should sit at the back of the bus.”  That was clearly a racist statement and a racist law.  If a law or someone said, “Whites should sit at the back of the bus or Hispanics should sit at the back of the bus” that statement or law would be equally racist and equally repugnant.
Our President spent more than 20 years sitting in church, listening to the racist rantings of his Pastor, Jeremiah Wright.  Not only did he not leave that church, he dedicated his autobiographical book, The Audacity of Hope, to Pastor Jeremiah Wright.  He was married by Wright, his children were baptized by Wright, and Wright christened their home.  This is old news, but it’s pertinent.
Shortly after Barack Obama became President, he interjected himself in a local police matter in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  The story line is rather simple.  A college professor (who incidentally happened to be black) returned from a trip and did not have his key, so he decided to break into his home.  You and I would have probably done the same thing.  A neighbor called the police, thinking that a neighbor’s house was being broken into by a burglar.  The police arrived and asked the professor for identification.  It was a perfectly reasonable and understandable request, but one that was responded to with loud shouting and personal attacks on the police officers as racists.  After continued refusal to provide identification, the professor was hauled to jail whereupon he finally provided identification, was released and returned to his home.  End of story?  Not quite.
Without any knowledge of the facts or the circumstances, President Obama said before the cameras, “The police acted stupidly.”  Now apply the racist test to the same situation if the professor had been white.  Would our President have interjected himself in a local police incident?  Would he have said that, “The police acted stupidly” or would it never have come to his attention?  Our President assumed the worst of the police because they were white and the professor was black, not because he had any information, whatsoever, in regard to the facts of the matter.  His statement was a knee jerk, racist reaction.
In the President’s Marxist view, the story of the world is a struggle of class warfare.  It is black vs. white, rich vs. poor, Hispanic vs. white, workers vs. owners, men vs. women, and the intellectual elite vs. the average American.  He loves to lecture others on their failings.  “Americans cling to their guns and their religion” he famously said to a group of San Francisco liberals during the 2010 campaign.  He complains that Americans “just don’t understand” or that they can’t “comprehend” the true genius of his socialized medicine program.  “If they only understood…” he likes to say, but they just aren’t smart enough or well educated enough.  The poor average American is just dumb.
In Obama’s view, Republicans and Tea Party members are rich, white racists.  Just before the election, he said in a clear reference to Jim Crow laws, “Republicans can sit in the back of the bus.”  You can’t get much more racist than that.
Of course his view of the Republican Party, and especially the Tea Party, is wishful thinking.  Tens of thousands of African Americans are seeing through the ideologically rigid approach that President Obama is taking to remaking America as a nation with entitlements instead of opportunity, a land of apology, instead of pride, a land of injustice instead of equal justice.  Our President is a divider, not a unifier.  He seeks retribution, not forgiveness and harmony.  He is an angry racist.
He has done much damage to our children’s future, regardless of race, economic status, or background.  He has mortgaged their future through reckless spending, overreaching government, and out-of-control political correctness.  He has no understanding of why the Founders sought to limit the power of government because he has a flawed understanding of human nature. 
There is no one race or segment or group in our society or any society that is morally superior to any other group.  We are all sinful human beings, all cursed by the fall of man.  We are all not only susceptible to sin, we all succumb to sin.  We break all of God’s laws and, sadly, we do it every day.  That’s the reality of the human condition. 
Any ideology built on the concept that there is a certain class of men and women who are smarter, better and morally superior to their fellow man and woman is fatally flawed.  No matter how good the intentions, the result will be the same, less freedom, more corruption, less prosperity, less justice, and more inequality in the distribution of wealth. 
That’s why the Founders sought to limit the power of men in government.  They understood the frailty of human nature and thus they knew that the concentration of power in the hands of one or a few always leads to despotism.
The inability of American liberalism to understand human nature is the blindness that dooms all their policies and programs to failure.  Are African Americans any better off today than they were prior to the Great Society?  Has their view, that the United States is just another nation, led to greater peace around the world?  Has their repeated efforts to appease the enemies of America worked?  Has their substitution of a new morality for God’s fixed moral laws made for a kinder, gentler society?  Have their higher taxes, increased regulations, and vast spending outlays created prosperity for all Americans? 
American liberalism, progressivism or any other name they invent means the same thing.  It is a failed philosophy based on the flawed premise that there is a group of elites in society who are morally and intellectually superior to their fellow man and woman.  They mistake intelligence and education for wisdom. 
Where does wisdom come from?  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”—Psalm 111:10.  Indeed.  “For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.”—Proverbs 2:6.  God is the source of all wisdom.  “For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength.”—1 Corinthians 1:25.  While man struts and pontificates and prides himself in his own wisdom, God laughs. 
Any effort or venture or government based on the superiority, intelligence and wisdom of man is now and will always be a failed enterprise.  Man proposes, but God disposes.

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