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Friday, January 7, 2011

Liberals and Cockroaches

Liberals and Cockroaches 

Wow, what an amazing reaction from the Democrats in Congress and “liberal” members of the mainstream media to the reading of the United States Constitution on the floor of Congress.  From the reaction, one would think that someone wanted to read Karl Marx on the floor of Congress, or perhaps some very raw pornography.  Well, maybe those on the left would not have objected to either of those.  After all, pornography, according to the ACLU, is just free speech.

Of course, the reaction is not only to the reading of the Constitution, but also to requiring members of Congress to provide evidence that any bill introduced into Congress is within the charter of the Constitution. 

The award for the most inane complaint goes to Juli Weiner at Vanity Fair Daily and her instant expert, Peter Keating.  The complaint is that the reading cost too much money!

“It would seem that in an era of Fiscal Responsibility, a performative rendition of the Constitution might have been one such eliminated endeavor.  For an estimate on just how much the Republicans would have saved if they had decided against the tedious exercise, VF Daily checked with Peter Keating, the co-author of “The Cost of No” and’s resident expert on Congressional wastefulness.”

“The amount I get is nearly $1.1 million. $1,071,872.87, to be exact, though of course this is more back-of-the-envelope than exact,” intoned “expert” Keating.

Others, like so-called “whiz kid” Ezra Klein of The Washington Post, complained that the Constitution is more than 100 years old, as if to say that anything that old can’t have any value.  He went on to imply that no one really knows what it means.  Gee, Ezra, I guess that goes for Shakespeare, the Gettysburg Address and the Ten Commandments, too.  Maybe Ezra isn’t the whiz kid they claim he is.  Perhaps remedial reading is in order.

The Gray Lady chimed in too with the lofty thought that reading the US Constitution might be considered racist since Article 1, Section 2 deals with the compromise reached by the states to limit Southern representation in Congress by counting slaves as only 3/5ths for voting purposes.  Democratic Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. said it would be hurtful to read this.

Does neither The New York Times nor Jesse Jackson, Jr. know the history of this compromise?  It was between the abolitionists and the slave holding states.  The slave holding states said that slaves were property, but they wanted the census to include slaves so that they would have a larger representation in Congress.  The abolitionists of the northern states said they should not have it both ways.  Either they should free the slaves and count them, or if they were property, they should not be counted.  The 3/5s compromise was a punishment exacted on the South to try to force them into freeing their slaves.  It was promulgated by the abolitionists, not the slave holders.

No less than the great abolitionist leader and former slave, Frederick Douglass, declared…

“…the Constitution of the United States, standing alone, and construed only in the light of its letter, without reference to the opinions of the men who framed and adopted it, or to the uniform, universal and undeviating practice of the nation under it, from the time of its adoption until now, is not a pro-slavery instrument.”

Frederick Douglass was a great advocate and defender of the Constitution of the United States.  That’s a lot more than you can say for most members of the news media and of Democratic Congressmen and Senators.

While saying the reading of the Constitution is racist may be laughable, other attacks were downright nasty.  Some said the Republicans have a “Constitution fetish.”  Some said they want to worship the Constitution.  One wag suggested that the “Tea Party” folks could learn from reading the Constitution about its guarantee of privacy.  Of course, privacy, separation of church and state, and other liberal shibboleths are nowhere to be found in the Constitution. 

And perhaps that’s really the point.  The liberals are truly scared of what the United States Constitution says.  Reading the Constitution is apparently for liberals like shining a light on cockroaches—they scatter in all directions.  Having it read in public, let alone the halls of Congress, apparently terrifies them.

Perhaps they know what the American people will find in the Constitution.  It is a document that limits the powers of government and gives powers first to the individual citizens of the United States.  The powers are carefully enumerated and defined. 

There had never before been a government in the history of the world that tried to limit its own power.  It was written by men who understood that human beings were frail and imperfect, living under the curse of sin.  They knew from world history that the fatal longing of man was to gain power over others, to be like God.  Sure there were plenty of rationalizations by those seeking power.  They claimed to be better on some level—divine right, more moral, noble, smarter, and wiser—or they simply came to power through physical force.  

Nothing has changed.  Liberals of today see themselves as a cut above everyone else.  They believe they are smarter than everyone else.  They even believe they are more moral than everyone else.  They believe they are more compassionate, kinder.  But, of course, none of it is true.

Reading the United States Constitution in public!  Reading the Constitution on the floor of Congress!  It’s outrageous, scary, racist, and dangerous according to the silly folks on the left.  Perhaps it is dangerous to them.  It threatens their existence as the Ruling Class. 

And requiring Constitutional authority for each and every piece of legislation threatens their overreaching power grab.  It threatens the very foundation of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the Great Society.  It spells the death knell for Obamacare and every other leftwing scheme that reduces individual freedom and that undermines the very legitimate responsibility of government to protect the sovereignty of our nation.

Let’s continue to shine the light of the Constitution on the ignoble schemes of Pelosi, Reid and Obama until the American people wake up and throw them out of office.

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