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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Definition of Insanity

The Definition of Insanity

They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  That seems to be the approach of the Democrats and their friends in the media to an oil shortage.  A few years back, the price of gasoline at the pump soared past $4.00 per gallon.  When that happened some folks with common sense suggested the time had come to aggressively open up public lands, including the swampy area in Alaska called ANWAR, to drill for oil.  The response of the Democrats and liberals in general was a whiney, “Even if we began drilling now we wouldn’t have any gasoline from those new wells for many years.”  Well, those many years have passed and nothing has been done to give oil companies access to known oil reserves.  In fact, at the urging of the greenies and those wearing tin foil hats, the government has further restricted access to known oil reserves!  The Obama Administration has used the BP oil spill as an excuse to shut down new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

The idea that government can mandate scientific advance is nothing less than ludicrous.  But that’s exactly what the liberals in Congress and the current Administration keep trying to do.  They raise the CAFE (Corporate Automobile Fleet Economy) to a level that ensures that cars will be smaller, less powerful, less comfortable, less safe, and frankly, like the small cars in England and Europe.  The CAFE standards require that companies build automobiles which have an average fuel economy in miles per gallon for their fleet at some number that a bureaucrat feels is right.  In other words, it’s another case of big brother deciding what kind of car you can buy instead of you deciding what kind of car to buy.

The CAFE standards are a good example of trying to legislate scientific advancement.  It does not work.  It never has worked.  It never will work.

The idea that the USA should and must generate a certain specified portion of its electrical power from so-called “renewable sources” is just goofy.  It results in crony capitalism where those who are willing to play along, like Jeffrey Immelt at General Electric, agree to support policies that can’t work in order to get huge contracts for building windmills—a 19th century solution to a 21st century challenge.  Liberals love old, out of date solutions.  Let’s not build more highways at a fraction of the cost of building mass transportation, instead let’s build subways and light rail (an 18th century solution) to solve a 21st century problem.
Instead of progressives, liberals are more correctly labeled as “regressives.”  They offer no new ideas.  The only ideas they have are failed ideas of the past and distant past.  Every idea includes reducing the freedom of the average American.  Every nutty idea is paid for by hard working Americans who have more common sense than any of America’s self-styled intellectual elite.

Liberals place no great value on individual freedom.  In fact, they see the average American as an obstacle to their vision of an America that is greener, smaller, less powerful, and less traditionally moral, with a few designated intellectual elite running the country and the lives of its citizens.  

That’s really the choice before us in 2012.  This will be the point of decision for us and for our children and grandchildren.  We will either let government power continue to expand and grow until every aspect of our lives is regulated, controlled and governed by a self-styled elite, or we will return to the values and vision of our forefathers.  The choice is that simple.  Throughout the 20th century those who rejected the limited government model of our Founders continued to impose more and more restrictions on your life and mine.  Every additional dollar they took in taxes, and continue to take, represents a transfer of power from the hands of a free American to the hands of a bureaucrat.  

For a few years, when Ronald Reagan was President, we took the offensive and succeeded in reversing the errors of the liberal juggernaut.  But now they have seized a huge portion of the American economy through the passage of Obamacare.  Socialized medicine is something the left has been lusting for since the 1930s.  It is a huge step toward a European socialist state.  It means the end of America as you and I have known it.  You and I can wave farewell to the “land of opportunity” if Obamacare is not repealed.  Socialism and freedom are enemies and cannot exist alongside each other.

The liberals continue to follow the path of insanity, they keep following the same failed ideas and expect a different outcome.  Let’s end the insanity in 2012.

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