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Friday, August 24, 2007

How About an Honest Scientific Debate on Global Warming?

How About an Honest Scientific

Debate on Global Warming?

Frankly, I don’t know what to think. I see articles by journalists saying that Global Warming is a fact and articles by other journalists saying that Global Warming doesn’t exist. I see politicians like Al Gore predicting catastrophe in the immediate future if we don’t act on Global Warming, and I see other politicians saying that Global Warming, if it exists, is no threat. I really don’t know who to believe.

What I’d really like to see is all the journalists and politicians sit down and shut up, and instead have a real debate with legitimate scientists on this issue. The fact is that thousands of talented and credentialed scientists think Global Warming is baloney, while thousands of other equally credentialed scientists think Global Warming is a real threat. Where does the truth lie? 

In fact, the debate shouldn’t stop with Global Warming. Some scientists believe that Global Warming exists, but it is simply part of a historic pattern of warming and cooling. And speaking of cooling, some reputable scientists, including one in Toronto, Canada, recently stated that scientific tests indicate that the earth is cooling, rather than warming!
No wonder the average guy like me is confused about Global Warming. We don’t need shouting matches on CNN or FOX. We don’t need propaganda pieces by Time and Newsweek, we need an honest debate where both sides are fully aired.

Unfortunately, too many real scientists now have a vested interest in proclaiming the legitimacy of Global Warming because their livelihood depends on it. Any scientist who is making his living investigating Global Warming, pro or con, should be disqualified from participating in this debate. We need honest, fair-minded individuals with experience and credentials who will provide an objective look at this very public issue.

So please. Stop the shouting. Stop the propaganda in the schools. Take a deep breath, step back and examine Global Warming from a scientific basis. Does a close examination by the scientific method definitively prove it is true, false, or rather, someplace in between? 

I may be in direct mail, but I have a degree in engineering. I’d like to see some real facts and figures and proof that Global Warming exists. If it stands up to close investigation using the Scientific Method, then let’s talk rationally about what can be done, if anything, to help ameliorate the potential damage it might do. If Global Warming is the problem, as we have been told it is, then we need to hear from real scientists and engineers, not ideologues, politicians, journalists or other know-nothings. If it’s a hoax, then it deserves to be exposed, and those who have been promoting it should suffer the consequences.

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