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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Stones Cry Out!

The Stones Cry Out!

I just finished reading a great little novel called “The Stones Cry Out,” and I recommend it to you.  It’s a murder mystery written in the first person by Sibella Giorello.  Mrs. Giorello currently lives in the Seattle area and this is her first novel, although she was a feature writer for The Richmond News Leader for ten years.  In fact, she was nominated twice for a Pulitzer Prize, so she’s no amateur.

        The setting for the book is Richmond, Virginia, and it’s clear that Mrs. Giorello is very familiar not only with the physical layout of the city and its history, but also with the folks who live there.  Her intimate knowledge of Richmond gives a very real feel to the book which kept me turning the pages.

        The story revolves around a young FBI agent, Raleigh Harmon, who is given the task of investigating the deaths of a police officer and a black man who plummet to their deaths from the top of an empty building.  There are a number of interesting and believable twists and turns that keep you wondering where the story is going next.

         It’s a good, quick, entertaining read.  If you like murder mysteries, I think you’ll like “The Stones Cry Out.”

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