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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Brilliant New Idea from President Obama

A Brilliant New Idea from President Obama
Liberals always think of themselves as, well, superior to other human beings.  They are the originators of great, new, revolutionary ideas.  That’s why I was so excited to hear about the centerpiece of the President’s plan to create jobs in the US.  And, I’m so happy that he hasn’t let stock market crashes and soaring unemployment numbers during the past three years distract him from creating Obamacare (a foolish socialist scheme that was never supported by 35% of Americans) instead of focusing on job creation. 
Of course, we’re very lucky that this President has so much hands-on experience in the marketplace and knows how jobs are created.  After all, he was a devout follower of Saul Alinsky, a college professor, a community organizer, a state senator and very briefly, a US Senator before he became President.  Well anyway, I’m sure he cares about creating jobs, and after all, caring is always more important than actually creating jobs.  Liberals are great at caring, although their caring rarely translates into real compassion that includes donating money and volunteering to actually help those in need.
But I’m getting off track.  I’m really so excited to hear of his new, amazing, innovative, creative, unprecedented idea to create new jobs.  Let’s see the centerpiece of his amazing new jobs creation idea is a stimulus, a big spending bill!  Wow!  Amazing!  How daring and innovative! 
Let’s see creating jobs via government spending programs (the hell with our current financial insolvency and the debt we are leaving to our children and grandchildren) has worked well so many times in the past.  Well, there was the FDR spending binge that caused the United States to be in a depression for eight years longer than the rest of the world.  And then there were all the other spending programs over the years that didn’t work. 
Obama, Reid and Pelosi have created the current economic mess because they do not understand economics.  Today the unemployment rate in the Black community is 16% and among Hispanics it is 11%.  This is all due to the wild government spending by the Democrats.  All of it!  They screwed those who gave them the strongest support.
Government spending has never created a net job.  It may have created more bureaucratic jobs, but government spending always destroys more jobs than it creates.  Thinking that government spending will get the US out of the Obama Great Recession is sheer lunacy.  It’s simplistic.  It’s sophomoric. 
But big spending is often good politics.  It sounds good to the uneducated.  But it is always destructive.  It’s just as destructive as a family that is financially underwater thinking that they can return to prosperity by going on a spending binge. 
Dollars represent labor and capital.  When that labor and capital is spent in the private sector to create consumer goods and services, it raises the standard of living of all Americans.  When that labor and capital is spent to hire more bureaucrats to create more regulations, it means a lower standard of living for all Americans.
Yes, we need infrastructure like highways and roads.  Yes, we need a court system.  Yes, we need a military.  These are necessary, essential, constitutional expenditures by government.  But every dollar spent on any government activity is a dollar that cannot be spent on consumer goods and services.  Remember, that dollar represents labor and capital.  Today, the government spending at the federal level takes nearly 25% of all dollars earned by those in the private sector.  That means the standard of living of all Americans is pushed lower by the government.
It’s worse than that because government bureaucrats issue rules and regulations that stymie the expansion and growth of business and drive up the cost of goods and services.  In short, government has been, is, and will always be a drag on the economy.
When liberals see jobs created by government spending, they do not see the jobs destroyed by diverting the value of labor and capital from investment in the free market to create real jobs—jobs that create consumer goods and services that raise the standard of living of every American. 
President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress (who held a super majority) inherited a mild recession.  Through their foolish policies that have been repeatedly tried and failed in the past, they have turned that mild recession into a great recession bordering on a plunge into a great depression.
The record is clear.  In 1980, Ronald Reagan inherited a terrible economy, many times worse than that inherited by the Obama-Reid-Pelosi troika.  Reagan cut tax rates 30% across the board and voilà, the economy came roaring back giving the United States the longest period of economic expansion in its history.  It worked for Kennedy and Coolidge and it worked for Reagan.
But why go with ideas that work?  Why not go back to old, failed schemes that are sure fire job killers.  Let’s spend our way into prosperity!
Liberals don’t learn from history.  After all, as Obama said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for!”  He would have been right at home with the leaders of the French Revolution in believing that they would create a utopia on earth.  Instead, like their imitators that followed—Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, et al.—they created a nightmare on earth.
Liberals are indeed the heir to the French Revolution.  Conservatives are the heir to the American Revolution.  Which shall we choose in 2012?

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