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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Do Liberals Hate the Tea Party?

Why Do Liberals Hate the Tea Party?
Racist, hostage takers, unbalanced, terrorists—these are just a few of the slanderous comments made by liberal writers, politicians, and talking heads on television.  What incites these comments by folks who piously advocate “a more civil society?”  What causes the President of the United States, who prattles on about being more kind and civil, to say that Tea Party Republicans have a “gun to our head.”  Whatever happened to the sweetness and light he was professing after the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in Arizona?  Does his background in Chicago politics always drive him backwards into saying thing like, “when they bring a knife to a fight, we bring a gun?”

Why the venom and the hatred?  Why did liberal union goons beat up Tea Party member, Kenneth Gladney, for passing out “Don’t Tread on Me” flags at Congressman Russ Carnahan’s town hall event in St. Louis?  And why did the Democrat prosecutor delay charging the perpetrators with a crime even though there were ample witnesses?

Why did Nancy Pelosi falsely assert that there were those at Tea Party rallies carrying swastikas?  Why, when there was no evidence that black congressmen were spit on and called racist names, did the national news media report such a lie?

Why the vitriolic language and the violence from liberals against the Tea Party and its followers? 
Why the effort by the mainstream media to portray the Tea Party members as uneducated, psychotic rubes by the media?

The answer to these questions is simply fear.

The left fears the Tea Party because, by and large, their members and followers are the most educated and informed members of the electorate to come on the scene in many years.  While the left is virtually ignorant of economics, Tea Party members have read The Road to Serfdom, by Nobel Prize winner in economics, Friedrich von Hayek.  This book, published in 1944, became a New York Times best seller in 2010 thanks to its popularity among Tea Party followers.  And the Spanish version of the book is also a big seller in Latin America.

But the Tea Party didn’t stop with reading and understanding free market economics.  They also bought and read copies of the United States Constitution.  The average Tea Party member knows more about what the Constitution says and means than the average member of the United States House of Representatives, a member of the United States Senate, and even our President who frets over the “negative guarantees in the Constitution.”  Oh, and I shouldn’t leave out the musings of the august news media, including one 27 year old wunderkind blogger, Ezra Klein, at The Washington Post, who shrugged off the US Constitution as meaningless because “the language is confusing and it’s more than 100 years old.”  Actually Ezra, it’s more than 200 years old and well, the Bible is thousands of years old.

But back to the Tea Party and people who aren’t confused by the language in old books.  Actually the Tea Party folks didn’t stop with reading The Road to Serfdom, and the US Constitution.  They also gobbled up copies of the Federalist Papers so that they could really understand what the Founders meant when they created this nation and signed onto the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Gee, Ezra, have you ever tried to understand the Constitution or have you ever read the Federalist Papers?

The depth of scholarship of the Tea Party movement became obvious during the many town hall meetings with Congressmen when Obamacare was being debated.  Congressmen who were supporters of the bill stumbled and fumbled and hemmed and hawed when asked pointed questions by their Tea Party constituents who knew far more than they did.

When Sarah Palin advised the Tea Party followers not to party yet like it was 1773, the self-styled members of the news media scoffed at her stupidity.  Didn’t she know that the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776?  In doing so, they only exposed their lack of sophistication and education, apparently not connecting the dots and knowing that the Boston Tea Party took place in 1773, not 1776.  Duh!

In the Tea Party the liberal establishment and their mouthpieces in the news media have more than met their intellectual match. 

The new Tea Party members of Congress (God Bless them!) can’t be bought with earmarks that they helped to abolish.  They can’t be bought with committee assignments which they don’t care about.  They can’t be bought by withholding support for re-election because they don’t care about getting re-elected.  They have a unique concept of being in Congress—they see it as a public service, not a career!

But there’s more reason for the left to hate the Tea Party.

Members of the Tea Party are not only informed and principled.  The Tea Party is made up of millions of Independents who supported Obama the first time he ran for President and millions more of those who sat out the 2008 election because they liked neither Obama nor McCain (Obama light).  In other words, as the results of the 2010 election showed, the Tea Party represents the wave of the future in America.  It means a return to traditional American values, founding principles, and free market solutions to the great Obama recession.

Who are members of the Tea Party?  They are the guy and gal next door, your friends at work, those you see at church, and the folks who work hard for a living.  They are the ones who donate generously to help others, volunteer for local charities, and have good manners.  By and large Americans are kind, good natured, and generous even though that’s not the way they are seen by those on the left.  Tea Party members believe the United States of America is the greatest nation in the history of the world.  They see it as the bastion of hope and freedom for those who will pledge their allegiance and work hard to get ahead.  Tea Party folks believe in the American dream, they believe in God, and they feel responsible for preserving the legacy of freedom and individual responsibility that they inherited from their forefathers.

And, as the polls show, the Tea Party movement is made of folks from all walks of life and all faiths and backgrounds.  They are rich, poor and middle class.  They are brown and black and white and yellow.  They come from Chinese, Italian, German, English, Lebanese, French, Japanese, Mexican, Bolivian and all other backgrounds.  They have PhDs and high school degrees and everything in between.  They live in big cities and little hamlets.  They have many differences, but they have one important thing in common…they love the United States of America.

They don’t want to be ruled by a few men and women who call themselves liberals or progressives who think they know better how we should live than we do.  Tea Party members cherish freedom and justice and they hate slavery.  They act responsibly and expect that their fellow citizens do likewise.  They don’t want their government to tell them how to live, but they would willingly give up their life to preserve the America the Founders strived so hard to create.  In short, they are true American patriots.

The left hates the Tea Party because they fear the Tea Party.  If the truth be told, liberals really don’t believe in free speech, fairness, or anything else that might get in their way of gaining and keeping power.  The Tea Party is a direct threat to the left’s efforts to transform the United States of America into a European Socialist State.  The Tea Party stands in the liberals’ way of making the United States a second rate power.  They seek a nation that is no more prosperous, no better, no more powerful than any other nation on earth.  It is their distorted definition of justice.  Liberals applaud when Obama bows and scrapes before foreign dictators because they honestly believe that our nation is a bad nation.  It is the source of all the problems and injustice and poverty in the world. 

Yes, I admit it is a bizarre view that denies reality, but it is the view of most of those in America who call themselves liberals (or more recently, progressives, as if a skunk would smell any different by a different name).

I’m thankful for the Tea Party.  It represents all that is good and right about America.  It is a movement the Founders of America would have been proud to have been associated with.  It is in the greatest of American traditions and follows in the steps of those who laid the foundation of our republic.

God bless the Tea Party.  God bless the United States of America.

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