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Friday, November 4, 2011

Money Laundering, Chicago Style

Money Laundering, Chicago Style

I really like Chicago style pizza.  Thin crust, great toppings, that’s my kind of pizza.  I like the White Sox and even the perennial losing Cubs (when they are not playing the St. Louis Cardinals).  I love the Chicago skyline and I loved the Chicago Tribune when it was truly a great paper under the leadership of Colonel Robert R. McCormick.  The Chicago museums and the zoo are terrific and who could not cheer for the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan was there?

But I really hate corrupt Chicago machine politics.  It was bad enough when it was limited to Cook County, but now that it has spread to the White House, it really stinks.  The old joke was that not only do the dead vote in Cook County, they vote in alphabetical order.

The latest “jobs” bill proposed by President Barack Obama does justice to the legacy of the original Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley.  It was never designed to pass, and if it does no one gets helped except the Prez and his re-election campaign.

Let’s start with the first so-called “stimulus” package that may have created a few government jobs, but nary a private sector job.  The price tag on that one was a trillion dollars plus.  And that trillion, plus all the other trillions this President and his far left cronies in Congress spent when they had super majorities in both the House and Senate during the first two years, brought our nation to the brink of bankruptcy.  In fact, we aren’t so sure yet if he has actually taken us past the brink. 

So the first stimulus failed miserably and now comes “stimulus” 1.1 that proposes to spend a mere $450 billion.  Of course, that bill, if passed, would fall as flat on its face as the first “stimulus” but that’s not the point.  The main point of the Hypocrite in Chief is to tell lots of lies about the Republicans—how they hate people and won’t do anything while poor Mr. Obama is trying so hard to save us from their evil intentions.  In the background all the cheering and clapping you hear is the mainstream media that has sold its soul to become the cheering section of the Democratic Party. 

Now, as the President insults his opponents as idiots, he has announced that he will break his “jobs” bill up into small parts so the stupid Republicans can understand it.  How presidential!  What great leadership!

Let’s just suppose that some part or parcel of his “jobs” bill passes.  What will it do?  Will it reduce the tax burden on the jobs creators so that they can make a profit and hire new workers?  No, it doesn’t do that.  Will it slice through the red tape so that it’s easier to start and run a business profitably?  No, it doesn’t do that.  Does it roll back Obamacare so that we don’t strangle an already weak economy?  No, it doesn’t do that.  Does it put the brakes on an Environmental Protection Agency that is killing off tens of thousands of jobs based on a man caused climate change fantasy?  No, it doesn’t do that.  Does it expand drilling for oil and natural gas to create tens of thousands of jobs and move America toward energy independence?  No, it doesn’t do that.

Just what does this bill do?  Folks, it’s all about money laundering to finance the President’s billion dollar re-election campaign.  That’s all it is.  The money is directed almost exclusively at unions who will obligingly in return send a large portion of your tax dollars back to the President for his re-election efforts.  That’s what it’s really all about.  The unions provided hundreds of millions of dollars to help the President get elected in 2008 and now they need more money to funnel back into the President’s campaign.  Will the crocodile tears of the Vice President and the libelous attacks he launches each day on his Republican opponents result in passage of a portion of the so-called “jobs” bill?  If that happens, the good portion of the money the unions receive will turn right around and come back into the coffers of President Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign.  It’s called money laundering.

Slick, the idea is to use your tax dollars to finance his Presidential re-election campaign.  After all, you have already purchased an elaborate campaign bus for him and paid for weeks of campaigning in the Midwest and in the South.  Why shouldn’t you pop for another few billion dollars (that we don’t have) to finance the rest of his campaign.

Al Capone had nothing on the scheming of the modern Democratic Party machine.  He would have felt right at home.  Meanwhile, you and I and all the others whose hard work and dollars support the government continue to get fleeced. 

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