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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Scandal Worse than Watergate?

                    A Scandal Worse than Watergate?
I just finished reading Injustice, a recently released book by J. Christian Adams (copyright 2011, Regnery) that describes a widespread scandal in Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ).  This is not a personal scandal like Watergate that consisted of a failure of character, and political machinations, but rather an officially supported undermining of the rule of law and of due process of law.  The threat posed by the Civil Rights Division not only undermines the rights of Americans of all colors, but also threatens the integrity of the entire electoral process, especially in 2012.

The scandal does not consist of incompetence, or laziness, or a lack of intellect, but has its roots in the rejection of honesty, integrity, adherence to the rule of law, and to the American tradition of equal justice under the law.  Essentially, it consists of those charged with law enforcement openly disregarding the law and in giving comfort and aid to individuals who are actively working to subvert the integrity of the electoral process.

This book is not written by some ideologue, nor are the facts it cites disputed by men and women who have fought long and valiantly to protect the rights of all Americans, especially black Americans.  In some cases the victims are men who risked their own lives to advance the cause of equal rights for African Americans in the 1960’s Civil Rights era.  These honest men and women understand that when you condone the undermining of the rights of any member of American society, you threaten the rights of all members of that society.  When the rule of law is forsaken and man puts himself above the lawbecause he “knows better than those who wrote the law” we have started down the certain road to despotism.  It is the rule of law that protects everyone and underpins our free society.  Without it, freedom will die.

I won’t try to reveal all the details of the Adams’ book.  In fact, I strongly encourage you to get a copy and read it.  Here, however, are a few tidbits taken directly from Injustice.

Adams documents repeated cases of attorneys in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice refusing to protect the rights of all voters, but instead openly discriminating against and making it harder for anyone but pro Democrat voters to get a fair shake.  One of the cases assigned to Adams was the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case in Philadelphia.  It was a cut and dried case captured on video by FOX News that was seen by millions of Americans.  When the militia dressed New Black Panthers did not respond to the legal efforts of DOJ, all that was needed to lock them up and put them in jail was to file for a summary judgment.  But that was vetoed by the Holder DOJ.  When the legal team at DOJ, including author Christian Adams was told to dismiss the case against the New Black Panthers, they were stunned…

                This was a blatant act of voter intimidation by a race-hate
                group that was caught on tape and seen by the whole nation,
                yet we were being ordered to do almost nothing about it.  At
                that moment it became clear to me that the people running the
                division under the Obama administration were irredeemably
                rotted and corrupt.  Our superiors had sided with thugs, and
                all we could do was silently look at each other; helpless and beaten.”

                “…I told a good man who was willing to stick his neck out
                to protect the right to vote that he could count on the DOJ. 
                And I was wrong.  After a lifetime fighting for civil rights,
                [Bartle] Bull deserved better from his government—and so
                did the American people.”

Bartle Bull is a veteran civil rights activist who has a long history of working for Democratic candidates including Charles Evers in Mississippi, Robert F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.  He was outraged by the intimidation tactics of the New Black Panthers at the polls in Philadelphia in 2010.  Bull said to Adams…

                “Bobby Kennedy didn’t die so jackbooted thugs could stand
                out in front of the polls.”

                “Bull noted that in his forty years of involvement in politics
                and civil rights, he had ‘never encountered or heard of another
                 instance in the United States where armed and uniformed men
                blocked the entrance to a polling location.”
In a sworn statement by Bull in front of a Senatorial Committee he said…

                “To me, the presence and behavior of the two uniformed
                men was an outrageous affront to American democracy and
                the rights of voters to participate in an election without fear. 
                It would qualify as the most blatant form of voter intimidation
                I have encountered in my life in political campaigns in many
                states, even going back to the work I did in Mississippi in
                the 1960’s”

Attorney General Eric Holder was sanctimoniously outraged…

                “When you compare what people endured in the South in the
                60s to try to get the right to vote for African Americans, and
                to compare what people were subjected to there to what happened
                in Philadelphia…to describe it in those terms I think does a
                great disservice to people who put their lives on the line, who
                risked all, for my people.”

Adams responds…

                “It was a telling moment.  One might think the Attorney General
                of the United States would regard the entire American people as ‘
                his people.’  But no—for Holder, only one race of Americans is
                his people.”

According to Adams…

                “   the Civil Rights Division is now being utilized to energize
                the president’s political base and alter the electoral ground
                rules to benefit Obama’s campaign.”

The Voter intimidation case of the New Black Panthers on election day 2008 was dismissed by DOJ even though there was abundant evidence of their intimidation efforts at the polls.  In countless similar cases of black extremists threatening both black and white voters with physical harm, the Civil Rights Division of DOJ didn’t just turn a blind eye to their fraudulent activities, but in fact openly aided them in corrupting the integrity of the election process.  The result of turning a blind eye to these illegal activities is that they have continued and expanded in subsequent elections.  They will likely play a major factor in the outcome of the 2012 election.

Christian Adams fellow DOJ attorney, Chris Coates, has a long record of fighting for the rights of African Americans.  However, when he sought to also protect the rights of white Americans at the ballot box he was the subject of open hostility by radicalized lawyers in the Justice Department.  Here is an excerpt from the Adams’ book…

                “A Voting Section lawyer who entered the United States
                as an illegal alien, Luz Lopez-Ortiz, referred to Coats in
                a DOJ email as a ‘Klansman.’  For militants like Lopez-Ortiz,
                 enforcing the law equally was tantamount to joining a group
                of racist terrorists.”

When a blatant case of voter intimidation and vote fraud came to the attention of Chris Coats he was told by Voting Section attorney, Avner Shapiro…

                “I didn’t come to work in the Civil Rights Division at the
                Department of Justice to sue black people.”

Adams also explains how the balanced hiring of attorneys from a wide variety of viewpoints was scuttled once Eric Holder took charge as the Attorney General.

                “Under Eric Holder, if a candidate has not worked for a
                leftist activist group or otherwise demonstrated some affinity
                for the Left’s causes, he or she will not be hired at the Civil
                Rights Division—period.”

The new hires at DOJ weren’t just lawyers who believed in enforcing Civil Rights laws on a colorblind basis or even attorneys who had a long history of working on behalf of civil rights.  To the contrary, these new hires were men and women who had and have low regard for the law, the US Constitution, and for equal justice under the law.  Instead, they see their position as an opportunity to wield power to advance their radical agenda.  And it has often gotten them into trouble.

According to Adams’ book, the current Civil Rights Division of the current DOJ…

                “…has been sanctioned $4,107,595 for bringing frivolous
                cases or engaging in misconduct, none of which was assessed
                during the Bush administration.”

Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act (something that Eric Holder recently sought permission to lie about) were treated unequally at DOJ.  While responses to FOIA inquiries from any party they disagreed with regularly took six months or more for a response, their radical allies often received same day service.  According to Adams, high ranking DOJ political appointee…

                “…Julie Fernandes exploits FOIA requests to benefit
                Obama’s leftwing allies.  Specifically, sources say she
                instructs Voting Section staffers to inform leftwing groups
                about specific data from DOJ files that they might find useful
                in advancing their agenda.”
Contrary to some mainstream media reports, Adams documents that this kind of radical, off the reservation politicization of the DOJ has never taken place previously under any administration, Republican or Democrat that he worked under. 

What Adams describes is corruption at the highest levels of government with the full support of Attorney General Holder.  It apparently exists on an unprecedented scale with the goal of dishonestly affecting the outcome of the 2012 and future elections.  It’s what might be expected from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, but not in the United States of America.  The defenders of the law have become the law breakers according to Adams and they have the power and the will to provide comfort and assistance to their allies as well as the power to alter the outcome of the election process.

Buy this book!  Read this book.  Liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, if you are an honest person who believes in equal justice under the law you will be shocked.

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