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Monday, April 16, 2012

Of Turkeys and Integrity

On Tuesday, March 13 many newspapers led with a headline similar to that printed in The Washington Times—“Justice Halts Voter ID Requirement in Texas.” Citing a belief that the law was unfairly and illegally targeting Hispanics with the intent of suppressing their vote, the Civil Rights Division of the US Justice Department blocked Texas’ new photo identification requirement for voting. The case, along with a similar case in South Carolina, now moves to adjudication before the Federal Courts. Most, but not all, Democrats oppose taking steps to protect the integrity of the voting process by states requiring photo identification cards, even if those cards are available for free. These laws already exist in a number of states like Indiana. The Civil Rights Division of the US Justice Department has no power over Indiana because Indiana is not covered by the Civil Rights Act, but both Texas and South Carolina are covered by that act.

Those Democrats that oppose such efforts to true the vote claim that it is an attempt to harken back to the bad days of Jim Crow and poll taxes. They say it is a racist effort to suppress the minority vote. They call supporters racists.

The truth of the matter is that the national Democrat machine (that bears a strange resemblance to the Chicago Daly machine) opposes photo voter ID cards because it makes it much harder to steal elections. In the presidential election of 1960 both Illinois and Missouri went for John F. Kennedy by razor thin margins. It is now widely known that these razor thin margins were provided by voter theft in Cook County Illinois and Saint Louis County Missouri. Had there been an accurate vote count in both states, Richard Nixon would have been president, but election fraud made it possible for John F. Kennedy to serve instead. Voter theft is a reality, but it should never be accepted as the norm.

There is only one reason to oppose steps to protect the integrity of the election process and that reason is to encourage voter fraud. As J. Christian Adams documents in his book, Injustice, the Civil Rights Division of the United States Justice Department is an active participant in discouraging the integrity of the vote. The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ is not only full of radical activist attorneys, but they also lack integrity and competence, according to Adams.

The Washington Times wrote of the decision to block the new Texas voter protection law, “Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez said he was using the federal government’s power under the Voting Rights Act to block the state’s law.” Who is Thomas Perez? He is the same person who blocked prosecution of the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters outside a voting booth in Philadelphia, by carrying a heavy baton and verbally threatening white voters. The intimidation was documented by FOX News on video tape, so there was no doubt of the intimidation of white voters by these men dressed in combat fatigues. The case was dismissed by the DOJ after these same men who were charged with a civil rights violation by the Bush DOJ and did not show up for the trial. The only step necessary to convict was to ask for a judgment against them, but instead Thomas Perez dismissed the case. Why did he dismiss a clear cut case of voter intimidation that only required a simple motion for conviction?

Here is what happened according to first hand witness, J. Christian Adams…

“Tom Perez would make the argument explicitly, testifying to the Civil Rights Commission that Rule 11 and similar local court rules mandated the case be dismissed. This was a direct attack on the four lawyers on the case, for Rule 11 is an ethical obligation that attorneys don’t bring frivolous claims.”

In other words, his argument, according to Adams, was that the action by the DOJ under Bush to convict the New Black Panthers of voter intimidation was a frivolous case. This is the slanted mindset of Tom Perez who has arranged for the DOJ to sue South Carolina and Texas in an attempt to block implementation of a voter fraud law that will require all voters to show a government issued photo ID in order to vote.

The truth is, as Adams documents, that the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ simply doesn’t care about the integrity of the vote, they only care about advancing their radical left agenda.

Adams relates in his book the approach the radicalized Civil Rights Division of the DOJ proclaimed in regard to Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act which requires that ineligible and dead voters be purged from the voter rolls in each state.

“…I was present at a brown bag luncheon for the Voting Section in November 2009 when Deputy assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes glibly proclaimed that the DOJ would no longer enforce Section 8.


Fernandez answer was that such enforcement would create a “barrier to the ballot box.”

A more accurate and honest answer would have been that such enforcement would have made it much more difficult to commit voter fraud and steal the upcoming election. Adams continues, “Ironically, her instructions to enforce some laws but not others were precisely what Obama, his current Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez…had accused the Bush DOJ of doing…

Adams book documents many more cases of ignoring laws that do not fit into the radical agenda of the Civil Rights Division of the US Justice Department as well as clear evidence of attorneys in the Division ignoring the law and allowing corruption of the voting process.

Sadly those in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ have absolutely no commitment to honesty, fairness, and equal justice under the law. They do not have the character or the integrity to attempt to enforce the law equally and fairly across the board and to adhere to the laws as written.

The current attempt to block Texas and other states from ensuring the integrity of the ballot box is contemptible. The reality is that the actions of the DOJ subvert the rule of law and encourage voter fraud.

Today you must have to have a valid photo ID card to buy cigarettes, to purchase liquor, to get food stamps, to obtain over-the-counter drugs such as Sudafed, and to cash a check. It doesn’t have to be a driver’s license. It can be any government issued photo identification card and virtually all individuals that have reached the age of majority have one. If they don’t have one, they can get one for free from their state.

Even the liberals know the importance of photo identification and the fact that every citizen has access to one. Ward 9 Councilman and former Mayor of the District of Columbia, Marion Barry, gives away free turkeys at Thanksgiving to his constituents. Guess what the good Councilman requires turkey recipients to provide before he gives them a turkey for Thanksgiving? You guessed it, a government issued photo ID.

The attempt to protect the integrity of the vote is being thwarted by corrupt politicians and government appointees who fear that an honest vote will not provide the political outcome they seek. It is rank hypocrisy that encourages voter fraud. Fairly losing an election is one thing. Stealing an election is a direct attack on the democratic process. Hopefully, federal judges will force a return to the law and away from the selective enforcement of the law. Banana republics, Hugo Chavez, and Vladimir Putin rely on voter theft to maintain power, but Americans should be able to count on fairness, honesty and the rule of law to preserve our Republic.

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