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Monday, April 16, 2012

Stark Contrast

The 2012 election offers a stark contrast in political philosophies, the same stark contrast that existed between the vision of the Founders and that of the British monarchy at the time of the American Revolution—more government and less individual freedom versus less government and more individual freedom. Today’s Republican Party stands for limited Constitutional government and maximum individual freedom, and today’s Democratic Party under the leadership of President Barack Obama stands for more government and less freedom. That is the bottom line choice of the 2012 elections and the ramifications of the choice that will be made by the voters in November will decide if the United States of America will return to its roots of limited government, or whether we will continue down the road to more and more government that leads inevitably to tyranny.

The election is not about which candidate is nicer or kinder or works harder, but about the philosophy of that presidential candidate and indeed all candidates for federal office. It should not need to be said that expanding the role of government means less individual freedom, because for more than 150 years Americans learned about the priceless principles of America’s Founders. Sadly, that is no longer true today. Our children’s history text books, teachers, and professors simply do not tell the truth about the history of America or the principles of our Founders. The Founders are pictured as privileged few who created a society that benefited them at the expense of others. Great American leaders like Washington, Adams, Coolidge and Reagan are mocked, while those who have expanded government and reduced individual freedom like Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Obama are praised.

President Obama dismisses the idea of America as an exceptional nation because he does not believe it. He sees America as just another nation that has prospered due to luck and the belief that prosperity was gained through the oppression of minorities and by exploiting the wealth of other nations. He cannot explain why millions and millions around the globe wish to become Americans. He ignores the fact that the flow of illegal immigrants comes from the South to the North into the United States rather from the US to Latin America. Our President rejects the idea that America is the land of opportunity and that every American has the opportunity to succeed or fail based on his hard work and the blessings he receives from God. Obama simply does not understand what US Senator Jim DeMint understands about the history of our nation when he writes in his book, “Now or Never”…

“The American vision was founded in the Judeo-Christian belief that mankind is inherently sinful and must be constrained internally by a fear of God and externally…by societal incentives that motivate people to improve themselves and serve the common good. The secular European vision was founded on the belief that mankind is inherently good and perfectible if society is properly planned and managed.”

This is the dividing line between today’s liberals in the Democratic Party and conservative leaders in the Republican Party. One direction leads to a return to the values and principles of the Founders who created the United States of America and the other direction leads to a collectivist state where our lives are and our wealth become tools of the liberal elite.

The implications of this choice are truly dramatic.

The means of control over our lives are more government regulations and higher taxes. Unbelievably some argue that you can have more regulations and greater freedom. Some argue that Socialism is not incompatible with individual freedom. It would be easy to laugh at such silly arguments were it not for the fact that millions and millions of Americans have been brainwashed into believing such irrational nonsense in our schools and via our left wing news media. It’s not that the young people in our schools aren’t just as smart at previous generations or that men and women who get their news from the major news sources aren’t intelligent. It has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence; it has everything to do with wisdom. It is, as the late William F. Buckley, Jr. said, “It’s not that they aren’t smart, it’s just that so much of what they know isn’t true.” That’s a kind way of saying that Americans have been lied to over and over and over again.

The 2012 choice is between government spending within its means and taking a minimum of dollars from Americans, a sure and steady path to prosperity, stability, and a better future for our children and grandchildren, and government continuing to spend money we don’t have that will burden our children and grandchildren for decades to come. No family or nation ever spent its way into prosperity. No nation ever survived without a strong, stable currency.

The 2012 choice is between traditional moral values as personified in the Ten Commandments, and the new morality that has brought about broken homes, shattered marriages, a more coarse and violent society. The attacks on Christianity and freedom of religion have their origin in the rejection of moral values that oppose sex outside of marriage, faith in God as the creator and ruler of the universe, the killing of babies and virtually any activity that gives pleasure to the doer, regardless of the consequences. After all, it was Illinois State Senator Barack Obama that strongly supported legislation that provided for a second doctor to be called in to finish the job if an abortion was botched (i.e. the baby was born alive). In the liberals universe abortions and death panels are simply tools to cull out the people who may burden society unnecessarily. They not only reject an all-powerful, almighty and loving God, they seek to be Gods themselves, just as the Devil promised in the Garden of Eden.

The 2012 choice is between addressing manufactured counterfeit crises designed to increase the role of government in your life (obesity, climate change, health care, etc.) and the real crisis of financial collapse and moral implosion. Liberals twist and distort science to achieve their goals of more control over our lives. For liberals, climate change is a holy doctrine that all Americans must bow to even though the science does not support their outrageous claims. They ignore the fact that Americans have a longer lifespan than virtually any other country in the world, demanding that we eat what they deem appropriate. They scream health crisis even though health care in the United States is far better than any other place in the world. They ignore the reality that their spending has created a debt that is unsustainable, demanding even more deficit spending that puts our nation at the mercy of creditors like Communist China.

The 2012 choice is between a president who understands that his role as Commander and Chief means protecting the United States from foreign enemies, and one who believes that the United States is responsible for all the problems in the world and if we will only apologize and unilaterally disarm, we will have peace. It’s a choice between a president who believes in peace through strength and one who thinks the road to peace depends on the weakness of America. One road leads to a secure America, the other leads to more wars, and more attacks like 9/11.

Which direction will American voters take in 2012? Will they return to the Founders principles of limited Constitutional government built upon a foundation of faith and an understanding of human nature, or will we take the road that leads to collectivism? Will the torch of American freedom continue to burn bright as a beacon to the world, or will it be extinguished by an alluring attachment to a false utopia?

The victory of the tiny thirteen colonies over the most powerful nation in the world can be explained only as a miracle of God. There is no other cogent explanation. Our Founders put their faith in God and although their earthly might was negligible, they triumphed, risking all—their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Since that beginning, Americans have faced threat after threat—from other nations, from the cancer of slavery, from the Soviet Union, and yet we have been preserved and sustained as we turned to God for help. This crisis, this election will determine if future generations live in freedom or as slaves to the state. The generations that preceded us fought to save America and were not found wanting. Can we be counted on to do the same? We will learn the answer to that question on November 6, 2012.

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