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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Down a Slippery Slope?

Down a Slippery Slope?
This week the US House of Representatives is to vote on the Senate passed version of the health care bill.  Some call it Obamacare.  The outcome of this vote could change the United States of America forever.

Frankly, it’s not about health care costs, or universal coverage, or any financial concerns.  One would have to be naïve in the extreme to believe that such a program would not be the first step toward socialized medicine.  President Obama has said on record before a union audience that his preference is for a one payer socialized medicine program like England or Canada.

Obamacare is simply socialized medicine on the installment plan.  Its passage would signal the end of free market medical care.  It would pass the baton on your health coverage from you deciding what is best for you, to government deciding what is best for you.

Inevitably it will lead to an English or Canadian system with dramatic health care shortages and an end to advances in medical care.  That’s simply the nature of socialism.

Your health care will be determined by “standards” having to do with how old you are, how healthy you are, and your value to society.  

You will eventually be assigned a doctor, you won’t choose your own.  Government created rules and guidelines will determine what care you are entitled to and what you cannot receive.  Like England and Canada, you’ll wait months for medical care, and even emergency medical care will take hours and days.  The quality of health care will deteriorate as bureaucrats make life or death decisions and as the cost of health care soars.  When has any government entity ever done anything more efficiently than the free market?

If you have not already contacted your United States Representative and your two United States Senators, drop everything and call or e-mail each one of them today!  

You can find your Senators’ phone number and e-mail addresses at and you can find your Congressman’s phone number and e-mail address at

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