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Monday, March 22, 2010

Political Hari-Kari

Political Hari-Kari

Nancy, Harry and Barack are drinking champagne, but their party is really a wake.  When you ram a piece of nation changing, unconstitutional legislation like Obamacare through Congress with bribes, threats, rule changes and all sorts of public corruption, you insult the American people.  When you pass a government takeover of health care that is supported by only 35% of Americans, the ultimate result is political disaster, the scope of which they can’t begin to imagine.  

They have drunk much of the Kool-Aid and convinced themselves that the stunning election victories in Virginia and New Jersey were just anti-incumbent.  They rationalize the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts as part of the trend that swept Obama into office.  And now they are spouting the line that their Obamacare victory will lead to political victory in November.  

Cooler heads in the Democratic Party know better.  Pollster for both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Pat Caddell, declared that, “this could be the end of the Democratic Party.”
The Democrats are counting on quick support for Obamacare based on the kickbacks and pork included with the bill.  They point to the support for Social Security and Medicare as confirmation that Obamacare will become popular.  However, they fail to note that both Social Security and Medicare passed by significant majorities with bipartisan support. 

There is little or no similarity.  Obamacare barely passed and without any Republican support.  And although the Democrats have overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate, it barely squeaked through.  The fact is that Americans did not oppose Social Security and Medicare the way Americans oppose Obamacare.

In this case the radicalism of the Democratic Party has so clouded their vision and their political sense that they believe their own lies.  

Of course, Obamacare has absolutely nothing to do with health care.  It has to do with one thing and one thing only, power.  From the beginning of time man has sought power over others.  Some rationalize that they are nobler than other men and women and thus deserve power over them.  Others believe they are more enlightened and smarter than other men and women and thus deserve power over them.  Whatever their rationalization, the real reason is the oldest sin of all.  Men seek to be like God.

Our founders understood this and that’s why they did everything in their power to create a government with limited power over its citizens.  Today’s Democrat leaders reject the founders’ philosophy.  They seek to be like God.  They have convinced themselves that they are better and wiser and smarter and thus know what is better for you and me than we do for ourselves.  People like this don’t seek a little power, or some power, they seek absolute power.

But Pelosi and Reid and Obama have misread the political tea leaves.  The American people have overwhelmingly made it clear that they reject the Marxist philosophy of redistribution of income.  They still believe in freedom and that America is the land of opportunity and justice for all.

This November I predict that the Democrats will suffer the worst defeat in their Party’s history.  From City Hall to the Halls of Congress, the American people will be heard.  From the County Courthouse to the State House, Democrats will be defeated.
Their temporary triumph will indeed become their Waterloo.  The passage of Obamacare will prove to be a pyrrhic victory.

As for Obamacare itself, I rather doubt that it will ever take force.  There are too many unconstitutional aspects of the bill to withstand the many court challenges already in the works.  And if that fails, the tea party movement will rise up to force its repeal before it begins to deprive Americans of their freedom and to bankrupt our nation.

It looks like a victory for the far left, but it’s just a mirage.  In truth it is the beginning of the new American Revolution.

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