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Thursday, August 16, 2012


My wife received a mailing the other day from NARAL Pro Choice America. Their former name was National Abortion & Reproductive Rights Action League (NARRAL). Apparently they changed their name to get rid of the word “Abortion” which does not poll well in the political arena. But it is abortion that they are about. NARAL is in favor of all kinds of abortion—in the first trimester after conception, the second trimester, the third trimester and even the horrific partial birth abortion. We don’t agree with NARAL, but for some reason my wife did receive their fund appeal and since I’m in the direct mail fund raising business, I decided I would take a look at it.

The first sentence of the fund appeal sounds so noble and caring…

“If you have ever known a woman who has faced an unintended pregnancy, you know the deep and fundamental importance of freedom of choice and the right to privacy.”

Truthfully, it makes me want to laugh out loud. The sentence sounds so clinical and decent. What, pray tell, does freedom and privacy have to do with killing a baby? Just why does that baby deserve to be killed because its conception came about without intention? Are we now God? Do we now have the right to stop a beating heart and kill a human being, no matter how small or yet unborn, because it is inconvenient?

The most ironic line in the letter runs like this…

“It is frightening to think that 39 years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, many women face more obstacles in exercising their right to choose than their mothers did a generation ago.”

I’d like to ask one of those women this question….

“Are you thankful that your mother did not abort you?”

Killing babies is nothing new. In the Old Testament we learn of the heathen throwing their newborn babies into the fire as a sacrifice to their false gods.

The first sin in the Garden of Eden was rebellion against God. The Devil promised man that he could be like God, having power over others, making his own moral decisions, and when man succumbed to the Devil’s promises he reaped the whirlwind.

When you designate yourself as God and ascribe to yourself the right to make life or death decisions over others—including the elderly—you have crossed the line from a civil society into a violent society. Violence begets violence.

It’s hard to ascribe caring and compassion to someone who cavalierly destroys the life of a baby given life by God. It is well documented that those who do so suffer immensely. They never fully recover from the knowledge written in their heart that they have committed murder. They can, of course, be forgiven by God, but they will be tormented by the truth that they will never know or hold in their arms the baby they killed because his or her birth was inconvenient to them.

Is it really hard to understand why we have become such a course, violent, and uncaring nation? Why should our children believe in life and in compassion when the example they see before them is of an uncaring society that puts personal convenience before everything else? If abortion on demand is the law of the land, then the message is that life is cheap and nearly meaningless. You can’t champion life, and practice murder.

The fund appeal runs on for four pages with specifics about efforts to stop abortion, but never once does it talk about a specific woman who has had an abortion or about a child that was aborted. This is the most curious thing I find about all pro-abortion arguments. They never want to use the word abortion or baby or life. It’s just a fetus they say. Yet, if a drunk driver kills a pregnant woman in an accident he is charged with double manslaughter for the death of the child and the mother.

We take the most defenseless members of our society—the unborn and the elderly—and we expedite their deaths to make our life more comfortable. After all, “It wouldn’t be fair to let a child be born into such conditions” and “She lived to a ripe old age and her quality of life just wasn’t worth living anymore.” What vapid moral free rationalizations!

Like the NAZI socialists and the Soviet socialists before them, they seek freedom only for themselves and seek to be like God, deciding who shall live and who shall die. As with all dictatorships, the weak, the infirm, the babies, and the elderly are dispatched with total callousness as if they were cattle.

I have found that there is one inconvenient truth to which the pro-abortionists cannot stand up, as a vampire cannot stand the light of day. That truth is dealing with a person who was adopted.

My wife and I adopted our daughter, Beth, when she was just 28 days old. All the blather about freedom, privacy and choice is silenced when I ask a pro-abortion advocate this simple and straightforward question—

“Our adopted daughter, Beth, is married and has three children. She and our grandchildren are the joy of our life. Do I understand your position correctly? You believe that Beth’s birth mother should have had the right to abort her?”

Silence is the only response I have ever heard.

And I know why there is no answer.

It’s easy to talk about statistics and to discuss vague circumstances and to stay away from specifics. There’s no blood or gore or death in such discussions, especially when you avoid the word abortion and simply talk about privacy and freedom and rights. But such esoteric discussions fade away when you talk about real life human beings.

Abortion is murder. There is no getting around it. There is no rationalization for it.

Abortion is not about rights or privacy, it’s about making a selfish choice to kill a human being whose birth is inconvenient to the mother. A mother killing a baby runs counter to nature and counter to the laws of God.

Our Founders proclaimed equal justice for all. The “all” includes those whose heart is beating, even if they have not yet come into this world. And what of the millions we have murdered? Did we kill off the greatest athlete of all time, the doctor who would have found a cure for cancer, AIDS or autism?

The bottom line is that only God has the right to decide when a life should end. My will and your will are not important. Only God’s will counts.

As I told my daughter when she was a little girl, “God planned for you to be my daughter before he created the world.” Beth is my daughter not because of a plan by Kathi or me, but because God planned for her to be our daughter before time began. Kathi and I are so thankful that he did. We are so thankful that God also guided Beth’s birth mother to let us adopt her. Our life would not have been the same without Beth.

The last paragraph in the NARAL fund appeal reads like this…

Quite simply, it’s up to you and me. NARAL Pro-Choice America is here to ensure that politicians stay out of women’s most personal, private decisions, but we cannot do it alone. So please make your answer to the question “Who decides?” heard across America, right now!

Either the voice of those who advocate violence against the unborn will triumph or the voice of morality will triumph. There is no middle ground. As for me, my daughter, Beth, is the one who motivates me to pray and work toward ending the killing of the unborn.

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