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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

“Never Let Crisis [or a Tragedy] Go to Waste”

All Americans of good will mourned the senseless deaths of men, women and children at the Sikh Temple in metropolitan Milwaukee, Wisconsin this past Sunday. How does anyone make sense of mass murder? How can anyone one understand the sick mind of the man who committed this atrocity? Yet, some in our society are so base that they look for political advantage, even in a tragedy. Instead of mourning the dead and praying for the children and families of the victims, they calculate how they can use this tragedy to advance their ideological agenda. Such callousness is born of an ideological blindness that can justify anything that strengthens their political hand. It is driven by a belief that this is all there is. Man is supreme, you only go around once, etc.

From the Huffington Post to USA Today, the drumbeat continues. It’s about guns. It’s about those who are anti-government, etc., etc. ad nauseum. It’s about conservatives and those who seek a smaller government, it’s about those who dislike Muslims, don’t you get it? Just as in the case of the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford and others, and the Colorado theater murders, leftist ideologues rush to print and speak on air blaming those who are defenders of our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms for the deaths of those slain. What other conclusion can we come to but that they care more about their ideology and political gain than they do about the victims and their loved ones. And they don’t even have their facts straight. They blame Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin and anyone else they can with a broad brush, instead of simply blaming the men who did the shooting.

These are the same people who bemoan the rise in callousness and crime in America and fail to see that it is their policies that have contributed mightily to the debasement of America. They reject traditional values, but expect people to exercise self-restraint. They drive Christianity and religion from the public square and wonder why ethical practices are in such decline. They insist that distribution of pornography is simply free speech, and then are shocked at the sharp increase in sexual child abuse. They mock those who believe in marriage “’til death us do part” and then wring their hands over the tragedy of children living in poverty. They use tragedies like the Wisconsin, Colorado and Arizona shootings to attack American’s right to keep and bear arms, while ignoring the fact that crime is lowest in right to carry states.

Former Obama advisor and now Chicago Mayor, Rahm Immanuel insisted that the Obama Administration must “never let a crisis go to waste.” Sadly, this administration sees a crisis and a tragedy like Wisconsin as simply an opportunity to advance their political cause.

On March 30, 2011, Jim and Sarah Brady attended a special commemoration at the White House of the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. This tragedy included not only the shooting of President Reagan, but also of several Secret Service agents and Ronald Reagan’s Press Secretary, Jim Brady. Subsequently, Sarah Brady became active in the anti-gun cause. Assuming that this 30th anniversary of the shooting of President Reagan was a solemn occasion, it is ironic to see that in the eyes of the left it was simply an opportunity to advance a political agenda. When the President said hello to Sarah and Jim Brady, Mrs. Brady asked the President what he was doing about advancing gun control. In response, President Obama said, “…we’re working on it…but under the radar…”

If this reference is the Operation Fast and Furious as it seems to be, just what did the President and his political cronies expect as a result of selling hundreds of high powered AK47 rifles to known drug gangs? We now know that no attempt was made to trace the weapons, they were just sold along with thousands of rounds of ammunition.

If the goal was to create mayhem at the border and thus raise a public outcry for gun control, did the White House simply accept the death and destruction that criminals using these guns would cause as an acceptable cost for implementing gun control? What other conclusion can there be? What a cynical, cold-hearted approach.

Yet, a compliant news media doesn’t even report on Operation Fast and Furious. There was no coverage at all until the Attorney General of the United States was held in contempt of Congress for stonewalling an investigation of the operation.

With this White House and with their allies in the news media, everything is about politics and the 2012 election. Obama’s connections with Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis are covered up, as are his ties to domestic terrorist Bill Ayres and his radical wife Bernadine Dohrn. The dedication of Obama’s book to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who called on God to damn America and said that on September 11, 2001 “the chickens came home to roost,” was dismissed as a casual relationship. Obama attended Wright’s church for more than 20 years, donating in excess of $20,000, having his children baptized there and yet it is just a “casual” relationship.

Obama has bowed to dictators, and referred to Marxist Venezuelan henchman Hugo Chavez as his “amigo.” He trashed our long-time ally, Israel, refused to proceed with installation of defensive missiles in Poland, for fear of offending Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Upon taking office, he summarily sent the bust of Winston Churchill back to the British Embassy as a means of insulting our special friend, England. An open mike caught the President telling the Russian Ambassador to be patient and that he would have a lot more flexibility after the election. Just what was Obama promising to give away after the election?

Obama has attacked Mitt Romney as the most secretive candidate for president in history while he refuses to release his college transcripts, took three years to release his birth certificate, and holds countless deliberations in secret. A man without accomplishment or achievement, Obama condemns those who have been successful.

And now the news media joins in a chorus of demands that Congress ignore the second amendment, guaranteeing American citizens the right to keep and bear arms, and pass restrictive gun control legislation. There is no evidence of any kind that such legislation stops such crimes, but that doesn’t deter the demands. The truth is that the lowest crime areas are states that have right to carry laws, allowing law abiding citizens to carry firearms in public areas. When law abiding citizens are disarmed by the government, then only criminals and the government will have weapons. Neither of these parties is trustworthy with our lives or our freedom.

The fact is that the average American citizen who, as Obama has said, “clings to guns or religion” has far more wisdom than those on the left. Who do those on the left look to for wisdom? The answer is that they rely on their own intellect. In fact, most don’t even believe in wisdom. If they do, they believe that intelligence and education add up to wisdom. They reject the idea that wisdom comes from God, and God alone. How ironic, they who reject wisdom insist that they have the answers for all problems, real and imagined. Their answer to everything is another scholarly study, a blue ribbon panel, a government investigation or a new law curtailing your freedom.

The truth is that President Obama and his assembled radicals in Washington, DC represent a very serious threat to our nation. They have the power of government at their beck and call, they are guaranteed “protection” by their allies in the media, and they have successfully brainwashed young people and others into believing that they are promoting an agenda that is good for our nation.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

They dislike the prosperity of America. They detest the power of America. They reject the American dream. They don’t believe in the free market system that has created such prosperity. They are embarrassed by the fact that American citizens have more prosperity than anyone else in the world. They think it is unfair that we have more wealth and more energy resources than any other people. In their distorted world, economics is a zero sum game. Every dollar you have is a dollar denied to someone else. There is really nothing that they like about the Founders or about our American way of life. They are not proud and patriotic. They are ashamed to be Americans.

That’s why, when talking about businessmen and businesswomen, President Obama angrily insisted, “You didn’t build it! Someone else did.” He really believes that. When he said, “The private sector is doing just fine” he meant it. He believes in government as the solution to all problems. Barack Obama wants to take America down a notch. After all, from his distorted prism, the United States of America is prosperous only because it has plundered the world. It has grown wealthy on the backs of the poor and the needy. Through slavery the Founders became rich, and through neo colonialism we stole the natural resources of other nations. President Obama is not a liberal, he is a Saul Alinsky radical. He is a soul mate of radicals like Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn.

President Obama’s goal is to make the United States of America just another country in the world, no better, no worse, and no more prosperous than any other nation or people. He and his radical friends see this as an opportunity to transform America from the free and just nation our Founders envisioned into a government-entric nation where a few tell the rest of us how to live.

That’s why we must not only pray fervently and work hard, but also donate generously to elect men and women to office who realize the greatness of our Founders and the limited government they created. But we must never underestimate an opponent who will go to any lengths to gain power. Today you and I face the greatest threat to our nation since its founding. If we had lost the Revolutionary War, Americans still would have eventually gained their independence, but without the vision of our Founders it would not have been the same nation. If the Civil War had successfully divided our nation and sustained slavery, two nations would have lived side-by-side, but the American dream would forever have been tarnished and corrupted. If we had not defeated Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist Party, millions would have become enslaved, yet the USA might have survived as the lone bastion of freedom. Had Ronald Reagan not led us to victory in the cold war, the Soviet Union would have continued its enslavement of millions of men and women. But if we do not defeat Obama and his internal threat to our nation, the United States of America as the land of the free and the home of the brave will cease to exist. And we know from history, that freedom once lost is not easily regained.

Today you and I are called upon, as were patriots before us, to defend our nation. It is not with guns and ships and planes that we must defend our nation, but it is with the principles and values of our Founders that we hold forth the banner of freedom and justice for all.

Our children and grandchildren are counting on us to not be found wanting.

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