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Friday, November 16, 2007

Calling on God

Calling on God

Isn’t it interesting how we think we really don’t need God in our lives until things get a little rough and then we are ready, willing, and able to call on the Almighty to get us out of our mess? That’s what the Founders did when things got rough in their contest with Great Britain. They declared a day of prayer and fasting. It’s what General Patton did when the weather got bad and he couldn’t move his troops forward. He needed good, dry weather, so he called on God.

Of course, that’s what God tells us to do. "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you." (Psalm 50:15). But God isn’t a candy shop or a Mr. Fix-It. He isn’t only there when we think we need Him, He’s there all the time and we need Him all the time. He’s there to accept our thanks and praise and He’s there to comfort us in times of distress, and yes, He’s there to hear our prayers. In fact, God always hears the prayers of believers and He always answers their prayers. But sometimes His answer is not "yes," sometimes it could be "no," or "later."

Nevertheless, it’s refreshing to hear a powerful person humbly come before God and ask for his help. That’s exactly what Georgia Governor, Sonny Perdue, did the other day along with assorted lawmakers and ministers and he did it on the steps of the Georgia capitol building. Governor Perdue has tried filing law suits and has tried using threats, but now he’s down on his knees to the Almighty. One can hope that it’s not a last recourse, but rather a realization of the fact that just as God has power over the wind and the waves, He also has power to send rain and sunshine.

This public recognition of God is welcome in a society that has forgotten its roots. In just one generation we have forgotten that all blessings come from our Creator and that He does indeed govern the course of nations and of men.

Let’s join with Governor Perdue asking God for much needed rain in Georgia. The lakes are shrinking and the water tables are declining. Some say it’s only a matter of weeks before Atlanta itself will run out of water. And after that rain comes, let’s not forget to thank Him for the rain and all the other blessings that we take for granted each day of our lives. In fact, let’s make it a point to talk with Him each day and to count on Him not only for rain and our daily needs, but also trust in Him to take us to a perfect place (without all these problems) through faith in His son, Jesus.

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