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Friday, November 9, 2007

A Great Read!

A Great Read!

When I read a novel or other book that I think is worthwhile, I like to tell friends and family about it. I just finished reading Missing Witness (Morrow) and this is one of the best murder mysteries I have read in a dozen years. It is really terrific. And the good news is that this is the first book by Gordon Campbell. And what a book it is!
Missing Witness is a Perry Mason thriller on steroids. Campbell is an attorney and that is a huge advantage in being able to steer the reader through the intricacies behind the scenes of a murder trial. He also gives you a good look at the goings-on in a law firm.

The gist of the story is that a newly minted lawyer (Doug McKenzie) from a prestigious law school decides to accept an opportunity to team up with a legendary criminal lawyer (Dan Morgan) to defend a young woman who is accused of murdering her husband. Strangely, Dan and Doug are hired by the father of the murder victim.

For the first two thirds of the book it’s just a good read traveling along at 55 miles per hour. I was thinking that this book is OK, but nothing special. Then, wham! The afterburners kick in and the story proceeds at warp speed. The twists and turns keep the reader off balance and you never quite know what to expect next. 

This is a page-turner and a mind-boggler. While I think some of the characters could have been better developed, the story is truly unique and fast-paced. There are few books that I would recommend unequivocally, but if you like murder mysteries, this is one I wholeheartedly recommend. You won’t be disappointed.

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