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Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007 Losers

2007 Losers 
Some of the losers in 2007 were a surprise, while others should have been anticipated. Here’s my short list of losers —

            1.    Congress. After the big Democratic landslide one would
                   have thought that the leadership in both houses would
                   have been riding high. But what a disaster. Nancy Pelosi
                   and Harry Reid may well go down in history as two of the
                   most ineffective leaders in the US Congress. After a year
                   in power the only thing they passed successfully was a
                   minimum wage bill and that was basically crafted by the
                   Republican majority. With the lowest popularity rating in
                   history, the US Congress is one of the biggest losers
                   of 2007.   

            2.    Harry Reid. I know that Reid is the "leader" of the US
                   Senate, but he deserves special recognition for being a
                   big loser on two accounts. First, for telling the American
                   people that "The surge has failed" before it even had a
                   chance to work (which it did, to the astonishment of
                   detractors and supporters alike). Second, for a
                   ham-handed attempt to smear Rush Limbaugh as anti-
                   military.  This latter effort backfired in his face and caused
                   him to encourage others to support Limbaugh’s efforts to
                   raise millions of dollars in support of our troops and
                   their families.

            3.    Daily Kos, and George Soros, etc. After being
                   the force behind the Democratic sweep in 2006, and
                   focusing on turning tail and running in Iraq, this group of
                   prairie radicals from the far left stumbled and bumbled. The
                   height of their misfires was the "General Betraus" ad in the 
                   New York Times
. They have gone from a force to be
                   reckoned with to a group to be laughed at. Their
                   anti-American antics have lost traction.

            4.    The New York Times
. Whatever reputation the NYT had left
                   for objectivity was vaporized by the revelation that they
                   gave a huge discount to run the "General Betraus" ad noted
                   above. The "Gay Lady" has become the "Pink Lady.

            5.    CBS, ABC, and NBC. The news monopoly of the old media is
                   gone forever and their audience continues to shrink with
                   each passing year. Their self-destructive insistence on
                   pushing the liberal agenda continues to be their downfall.

            6.    Katie Couric. A great fit on The Today Show™, as predicted,
                   Couric bombed miserably as the anchor of CBS Nightly
                   News. The clock is ticking.

            7.    Michael Vick. Dog fighting! Just how stupid and cruel can
                   you be?  Vick has apologized and is now behind bars. Vick
                   is a loser, but when he has fully paid for his crime, here’s
                   hoping he is allowed to rejoin the NFL.

            8.    Barry Bonds and his fellow druggies. Why, oh why, would
                   you destroy your personal and professional reputation
                   forever in an attempt to cheat and steal baseball records?
                   Now a very good career is in the toilet and can never be
                   recovered. Bonds and all those other cheaters will have
                   years to regret their actions, and they should. Fie on all
                   of them!

            9.    Doom & Gloom Forecasters. The "sky is falling" crowd
                   had a bad year. Quarter by quarter they predicted the
                   economy was in a free-fall. It wasn’t. They touted the
                   housing bust as the end of prosperity, but the economy
                   refused to go along. They confidently forecasted that
                   holiday spending would be a bust, but the consumers
                   didn’t listen. Now they tell us that the sub prime
                   lending problem is sure to drag us into a recession.
                   Maybe, maybe not. If you keep shouting "wolf" long
                   enough one will eventually appear.

            10.  American Institute of Philanthropy. This self anointed
                   "watchdog" group attacked many of America’s finest
                   military and veterans organizations. Although it set off a
                   news media firestorm that ignited Congressional hearings
                   by Representative Waxman, its one-dimensional rating
                   system turned out to be inaccurate and inconsistent with
                   other ratings groups. As an example, while AIP gave Ollie
                   North’s Freedom Alliance group an "F" rating, the more
                   thorough rating group, Charity Navigator, gave FA four
                   stars and its seal of approval. Shame on AIP for not doing a
                   more thorough job of analyzing all aspects of nonprofit
                   groups, including their impact for good.

            11.  Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. In an act of
                   sheer partisanship, the Academy gave their Best
                   documentary to the undocumented "An Inconvenient
                   Truth." This piece of political propaganda further tarnished
                   a reputation that has sunk so low it is becoming harder and
                   harder to tarnish.

            12.  Nobel Peace Prize Committee. By awarding the Nobel Prize
                   to Al Gore, the Committee has made it very clear that it is
                   really no more than an ignoble tool of leftists who have lost
                   total touch with reality.  Its founder must certainly be
                   turning over in his grave. Its most current award recipient
                   falls in the footsteps of other crackpots like Jimmy Carter.

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