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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

2007 Winners

2007 Winners

There were lots of winners in 2007. Here’s my list

1. America’s Fighting Men and Women. Hip, hip, hooray for these valiant young men and women who have put their lives on the line so that you and I and our children and grandchildren may continue to enjoy freedom! They not only have to overcome the enemy, but also leftist detractors at home including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, the Daily Kos, Move, George Soros, etc. And they’re winning! America’s best and finest are on the frontlines of freedom.

2. General David Petraeus. Three cheers for this new-generation Army General who came up with the successful "surge" that has set the terrorists in Iraq back on their heels and brought new-found peace to this troubled country. And kudos to the General who overcame the attacks from those in the gutter (including members of Congress) that tried to smear him and tarnish his fine reputation when he testified. General Petraeus is in the finest tradition of America’s great military leaders.

3. Soldiers’ Angels, AdoptaPlatoon, etc. These fine groups, and others like them who give countless hours supporting our fighting troops and their families, are big winners in the eyes of Americans across the nation. Without pay or remuneration of any kind, hundreds of thousands of volunteers give their time to make sure the troops on the frontlines know they aren’t forgotten at home.
4. Congressional Republicans. They finally found some backbone and stood up to the new Democrat majorityand they did it successfully. Who would have guessed it? Now perhaps they will find the courage to put an end to illegal immigration in 2008.

5. Nicolas Sarkozy. The election of Nicolas Sarkozy sent trembles throughout the world of left-wing politics. If a pro-Western, pro-USA candidate could get elected President of France, anything can happen. A French champagne toast to President Sarkozy!

6. Rush Limbaugh. Three cheers for Rush who not only withstood a shameless smear orchestrated by the far left Media Matters, but turned it into a rout. Incredibly, Rush was accused of dishonoring America’s fighting men and women, even though the charge was clearly bogus. First, Harry Reid called Rush "unpatriotic," but he ultimately had to wave a white flag as Rush refused to buckle under to his smear effort. Incidentally, it turns out that Rush is one of the largest supporters of America’s troops, having now donated more than $2.5 million to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. While Harry Reid and his left-wing cohorts have been trying to undermine the war on terrorism, Rush Limbaugh has put his words and money into action in support of our fighting men and women. 

7. The US Economy and its Capitalist Engine. While naysayers droned on about the inevitability of a downturn, the US economy keeps chugging along. My hat’s off to the hard working men and women who start new businesses, use American ingenuity, and provide the capital needed to keep America’s economic engine humming along.

8. Microsoft Corporation. With the introduction of Halo 3, Microsoft served notice that American technology is still the one to beat, even when it comes to video games. This new video game pulled in $300 million during its first week of sales. 

9. US Supreme Court. It should make no difference whether a judge agrees with a law or disagrees with a law. If he is honest and does his best to eliminate his personal prejudices and ultimately applies the law as it was intended by those who wrote it, he (or she) is doing the job they were appointed to do. In 2007 the US Supreme Court was a winner for putting the intent of the framers before any personal biases or political agendas.

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