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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fred Thompson for President

Fred Thompson for President

I believe there is only one conservative choice for President in 2008 and that choice is Fred Thompson. No other candidate has reliable conservative credentials:

Rudy—Doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment, takes a cavalier attitude about marriage, and is a big spender. If you liked Nelson Rockefeller, you’ll love Rudy.

Huck—Governor "clemency," a big spender and tax raiser, believes in open borders, and has no clue when it comes to foreign policy. In addition, is America really ready for another bumpkin from Arkansas?

McCain—Member of the Keating Five, incredibly self-serving, authored McCain-Feingold, opposed Bush tax cuts, etc., etc. No conservative, that’s for sure.

Mitt—A flip flopper and just not trustable, supported gay marriage, appointed liberal judges, now running for President has caused a change of heart. I don’t buy it. Don’t be surprised if President Romney appoints Supreme Court Justices like Souter instead of Roberts.

While they all claim the Reagan mantle, none of these deserve that mantle. They talk the talk, but they haven’t walked the walk. They are all pretenders. And let’s be honest, a great leader like Ronald Reagan comes along once in a lifetime. 

While Fred Thompson is no Ronald Reagan, he is the only candidate with a proven conservative track record. He slipped up and voted for McCain-Feingold, but frankly I love his response: "I was wrong." What a breath of fresh air.

Right down the line Fred Thompson has a proven himself to be a reliable conservative:

Yes on lower taxes.

Yes on smaller government.

Yes on the Second Amendment.

Yes on securing America’s borders and enforcing the law.

Yes on the right to life.

Yes on protecting marriage.

Yes on a strong national defense and wining the war on terrorism.

Yes on solving our energy crisis.

Yes on judges who adhere to the US Constitution.

Fred Thompson is the conservative choice for 2008.

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