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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What Would an Obama Second Term Would Mean?

 "What's past is prologue" is a line from the William Shakespeare play, The Tempest.  The Bard of Avon was right, of course.  If someone has a spotty record of paying their bills in the past, they are probably not someone you want to loan money to.  Similarly, if you are looking for a husband, your best bet is to avoid those gentlemen who have already had several wives.  The bottom line is that past performance (or lack thereof) is a good indicator of what you can expect in the future. 

Those who expect President Obama to do things differently in a second term fit Albert Einstein's definition of insanity, "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  In other words, if you liked what Obama did in his first term, you'll love what he will do in the second term.  But if you don't like the economy, if you don't like the fact that the price of a gallon of gas has more than doubled since Obama took office, and if you don't like apologizing to dictators and potentates, you'll hate an Obama second term.

President Obama made many promises during the past four years…

"…if we don't pass the stimulus bill, unemployment will rise above 8%."—It topped 10% shortly thereafter and for 40 months stayed above 8%.

Obamacare will "bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family."—The reality is that premiums have gone up, on average, by $2,500 per family.

"If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan."—Sadly, this is not true.  Many companies are dropping insurance coverage because they can't afford to provide it.

Americans hoped that an Obama election would mean a post racial presidency—Regrettably, America has never been more divided and President Obama has been the chief instigator, exacerbating this division for political advantage.

President Obama promised "…the most open and transparent ever."—In reality, it has been one of the most secretive and closed presidential administrations in history.

There was an absence of a promise when millions of Iranians risked their lives by demonstrating for freedom in the streets of Tehran in May of 2011.  Not a word of encouragement was forthcoming from the mouth of the President who apparently feared offending Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs who run Iran.

"I support Israel."—Instead, President Obama has repeatedly snubbed Israel and its leaders, refusing to meet with them and in doing so, encouraging Israel's enemies. 

"I have an all-of-the-above energy strategy."—The truth is that President Obama is shutting down coal plants, killing jobs and jeopardizing the electrical grid of the US.  He has reduced oil and gas drilling permits on government land by 37.4%.  The only reason oil and gas production is up is that vast reserves have been tapped on private lands where Obama was unable to block it.

But, in all fairness, President Obama has received some very impressive endorsements for a second term…

Castro.  On his apparent deathbed, Fidel Castro, the bloody Cuban dictator endorsed him.

Chavez.  Hugo Chavez, the Socialist strongman in Venezuela endorsed the President.  On a previous visit to Venezuela, Obama embraced Chavez and called him "Mi Amigo."

Putin.  Russian President and dictator, Vladimir Putin, backs the President.  He wants some of that "flexibility after the election" that Obama promised Russian henchman Dmitri Medvedev in a comment that was accidentally picked up by an open microphone.

Webb.  Sam Webb, Chairman of the Communist Party USA, threw his support behind President Obama, saying of the President, "We are speaking to a friend."

In years past, such endorsements would have sunk any candidate for President, but so far there has been no disavowal by the Obama campaign.  Nor has there been any attention or concern expressed by the news media.

But what, specifically, would a second term for President Barack Obama mean to you and to me?  Here is a brief list of what the President would like to do in a second term according to White House insiders and that is in sync with his past record…

  1. Double Down on Green Energy.  In spite of the many "Solyndra" type scandals, and failures, the President plans to double down on this unproven technology.  This will not only mean more waste of tax dollars, but also higher energy prices.
  2. Block Gas & Oil Exploration and Production.  In spite of the opportunity to create jobs and make the US energy independent, the President intends to choke off all coal production, restrict its exportation, and put obstacles in the way of oil and gas production via fracking.
  3. Force Conservative Talk Radio Off the Air.  The Obama team at the FCC has already proposed changes that include Paragraph 25 titled Community Advisory Boards.  These Advisory Boards would consist of local community organizers and be diverse, i.e. left wing.  If the radio station does not go along with the recommendations of the Community Advisory Board it could face fines and a loss of its license.  The architect of this new rule is Mark Lloyd who has written, "…the gap between conservative and progressive [i.e. liberal] talk radio is the result of…the relaxation of ownership rules including the requirement of local participation in management."  Now that Obama has a majority on the Federal Communications Commission, he can and will force conservative talk radio off the air in his second term.  No more Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc.
  4. Domestic Drones.  Obama recently authorized the widespread use of drones by local, state and national government entities ostensibly for the purpose of tracking drug dealers and other criminals.  More than 30,000 are expected to be flying by the end of the decade.  Such drones pose a great threat to civil liberties if abused by the government.
  5. Electrical Shortages.  With the shutdown of coal fired power plants which provide some 40% of all electric generation, prices will not only skyrocket, but brownouts and blackouts are likely.  A decline in energy use is a reliable measurement of a decline in a civilized society.
  6. Gasoline, Diesel, and Heating Fuel Shortages.  Such shortages will drive gasoline prices to European levels of $8.00 to $10.00 per gallon.  This is Obama's goal.  Diesel shortages will drive up the price at the pump and the cost of nearly every consumer item, including groceries.  Fuel shortages will hit the young and our elderly the hardest, lowering the standard of living of all Americans.
  7. Decline in the Quality of Health Care.  Individuals who have chronic diseases and are past the age of 60 will be hit hard by the Obamacare "death panels."  As my wife, who suffers from MS, found out, it is already harder to get an MRI under Obamacare.  The vast bureaucracy of Obamacare will choke off quality health care, stifle research and development, and limit health care for individuals judged by the various Obamacare panels as being past their ability to contribute to society.  Doctors are already retiring early, enrollment in medical schools is sure to decline sharply, along with a decline in nursing school enrollment.  While Americans have been able to see a doctor in a matter of days, that waiting time is sure to extend into weeks and months, as a result of Obamacare.  It is only a matter of time until bureaucrats, not your doctor decide what procedures you can have, and which ones are not necessary.
  8. Reduction in Medicare Coverage.  By extracting $716 billion from Medicare and transferring it to Obamacare, doctors and medical practitioners will be paid even less than they are today, ultimately resulting in their refusal to provide medical services to the elderly. 
  9. Social Security.  Due to the massive debt rolled up in the first four years of the Obama Administration and the refusal of Congress to address the Social Security crisis, recipients are sure to suffer.  Funds available to Social Security recipients are due to run out shortly.  In lieu of necessary marketplace reforms, Social Security benefits will decline sharply.
  10. Inflation.  Deficit spending always results in inflation.  It may be delayed by advances in productivity or new technology, but it ultimately hits.  Today the United States is more than $20 trillion in debt and rising at the rate of more than $1 trillion per year.  When inflation comes (as it did under Jimmy Carter) it will result in devaluation of the dollar and make the economic situation of those on fixed incomes much worse.
  11. Further Credit Downgrading of the United States.  Obamanomics caused the first downgrading of US debt in the history of the United States by Standard and Poors credit rating organization.  The US lost its AAA rating and was downgraded to a AA+ rating.  Such a rating decline is significant because it means that when the US borrows more money from China (or other countries) we must pay a higher rate.  As of June 30, 2012 the national debt exceeded the total annual US gross domestic product.  In other words, thanks to $5 trillion in additional debt, our national debt is for the first time in history greater than the value of all goods and services created annually in our nation!  With deficit spending planned to continue at more than $1 trillion per year, our credit rating is almost sure to be downgraded again.
  12. Military Inferiority.  President Obama has promised Russia that he will be "more flexible" in his second term and he has a publically stated goal of ridding the world of all nuclear weapons.  Like Jimmy Carter, he sees the US as the problem and will unilaterally disarm the US, making us a second rate world power.  Today, thanks to President Obama, we have fewer ships than since before World War I and further cuts are planned.  This weakens our nation and could make us vulnerable to nuclear blackmail.
  13. Appeasement and Apology.  A second Obama term will lead to more apology and appeasement, setting the stage for more wars and conflicts taking the lives of more Americans.  Appeasement always leads to conflict.
  14. Voting Franchise Corruption.  The current US Department of Justice is run by far left radicals who have absolutely no respect for the law.  If re-elected, Obama's appointees at DOJ will run rampant in corrupting the election process, blocking voter ID laws and enabling voter theft on a scale similar to that of a banana republic.
  15. Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.  High on Obama's agenda in a second term will be granting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, thus ensuring a permanent Democratic majority for decades to come. 
  16. Ideologically Driven US Supreme Court.  In his second term, Obama will be able to appoint two to three new Justices to the US Supreme Court.  These justices will be similar to his past appointees, ideologically driven, having a high disregard for the Constitution, and following a far left agenda.  Individual freedom will suffer greatly.  Past rulings such as the Citizens United case will be reversed and social engineering by the High Court will become common and much more intrusive.  Churches and religious groups as well as gun owners will be under attack.

On October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed; due, most economists say, to the enactment of the Smoot-Hawley tariff law.  It was also brought about by expansive spending by big government Republican, President Herbert Hoover.  But by December of 1931, economic signs were improving, the stock market was rising, production was up, but government spending by the Roosevelt Administration was accelerating at an unprecedented pace.  Instead of a recovery that was on the horizon, the US was plunged into the Great Depression.  And because of the big government policies followed by the Roosevelt Administration, the US wallowed in the Depression for nearly eight years longer than the rest of the world.

The handwriting is on the wall.  The United States of America simply cannot sustain the irrational and unlimited spending of the Obama Administration.  When an individual or a government spends money it doesn't have, the result is inevitable economic catastrophe.  Socialism is a financially unsustainable model.  It always comes crashing down and it never recovers.  Government intervention into the marketplace (such as underwriting loans to people who cannot afford them in the case of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) leads to economic misery, recessions and depressions.  Only the free market can restore prosperity.

If Obama is given another four years, the almost certain outcome will be another Great Depression that will far overshadow the current economic misery.  Such a Depression would give the President nearly unlimited power over the lives of American citizens.  It will mean the end of freedom and prosperity as bequeathed to us by the Founders.  Government intervention into the lives of its citizens will expand dramatically, regulating everything we do.  We will indeed become just another nation, no longer a beacon of freedom and hope to the world. 

The good news is that the American people are waking up to the threat to individual liberty and freedom posed by President Barack Obama and his radical Administration.  We are on the cusp of winning an historic election that will run from the White House to the state house to the court house to city hall.

The depth, scope, and importance of that election victory will be discussed in my next blog.

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